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The HomeWorld Podcast #1

In Transmission: HomeWorld on June 30, 2009 at 11:01 pm

Sorry for the audio issues.  We’re working on not sucking for the next one.

Derk and I have been talking about doing a podcast.  We’ve finally done it.  OH JOY.  In this first edition, we ramble quite a bit.  The key point of discussions?  The King of Country Western Troubadours, Unknown Hinson, Derk fleshes out his Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen review a bit more, the virtues of Michael Bay versus Uwe Boll, why A Nightmare On Elm Street shouldn’t be remade, how Batman: Arkham Asylum handles, proof that Michael Jackson probably wasn’t a pedobear, and the mysterious sandwiches of potential death.

Some Unknown Hinson YouTube videos, after the jump.

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Musicians You Should Know:: Part 2

In Musicians You Should Know on April 1, 2009 at 12:49 pm

Continuing on with this ongoing series of articles, I am here yet again to bring you another artist that you might not know about….but you should.

While you may be unaware of this man’s music, you probably know his voice. If you’ve ever watched the Squidbillies on Adult Swim, you know that he is the voice of the main character on the show, Early Cuyler. Yes, my induction for today is the legend, the King of the Country/Western Troubadours, Unknown Hinson.


Unknown Hinson may or may not be the alter ego of North Carolina native Stuart Daniel Baker. Initially upon looking at Unknown Hinson and reading his backstory, it’s really easy to just push him off as a novelty act. Don’t let yourself do that. While most of his songs are relatively humorous in nature, his guitar playing and singing is outstanding. I think it’s extremely awesome that someone who can play as well as this man does chooses to do the type of music he does. When I go on and on about his guitar playing, I’m not exaggerating. If hearing the playing on the album doesn’t do it for you, check out some videos of him playing live. You’ll quickly see just how good he really is.

Another thing about Unknown Hinson that I really enjoy is, like the previously mentioned Hank III, his music is very unique. A lot of his songs can range from a traditional country sound to rock.  I also love the fact that even though you know the songs are supposed to be funny, that doesn’t take away from just how much you enjoy them. It’s hard to give most of these songs multiple listens and not find yourself singing along eventually.

One disadvantage that I have encountered with Unknown Hinson is the lack of avaliability when it comes to his albums. Granted, I do live in a pretty backwoods portion of the country, but it still seems like they’re hard to come by. As usual, I will list his discography below. One of these (The Future is Unknown) you can find on If you want the rest, you’ll probably have to visit his website,


21 Chart-Toppers – Released in 1999 by Uniphone
The Future is Unknown – Released in 2000 by Uniphone
Rock and Roll is Straight From Hell – Released in 2002 by Capitol
The Future is Unknown – Re-released in 2004 by Capitol
Target Practice – Released in 2006 by Coffin Case
Unknown Hinson: Live and Undead – Released in 2008 by Uniphone/SBDMusic