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If MySpace Is The Internet’s Trailer Park, Friendster Is Its Mental Ward

In Funny Videos, Random Shit, Scary People on September 21, 2007 at 5:29 pm

I, like many foolish people, created a Friendster account way back when. Naturally, the thing has been collecting dust in this now legendary Age of MySpace, but there was a time when Friendster was “da shizzle”, and the perfect hangout for lonely hearts, emo kids, and pedophiles alike.

I do, occasionally, still get some message notifications from Friendster. Apparently, I have not set my block filters strictly enough. And for your humorous enjoyment tonight, you can thank me.

I’ve included a screengrab of the Friendster message I got today from “Christian”. See if you can find what’s wrong with the picture. Can’t figure it out? The answer is below, just hit the More link to find out what’s wonky.

Friendster Screengrab

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