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Review:: Drag Me to Hell

In On Film on June 1, 2009 at 2:14 pm

drag-me-to-hell_l1 Sam Raimi takes a break from the comic world and delves right back into the horror genre. In his latest fright, Raimi tells the story of Christine Brown. Christine, who moves from a farm to the bustling streets of L.A., is a loan officer trying to work her way into an assistant manager position that has recently opened at the bank. But how far will she go to get that job? And what cost will she pay?

Drag Me to Hell is definitely old school Raimi. If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead trilogy, you’ll feel right at home here. Also, if you’re a fan of the old Hammer films, I think you’ll enjoy this. Maybe it was just me, but this certainly felt like I was watching a Hammer movie. But, of course, if you’re unfamiliar with Raimi’s old work you will probably find yourself taking this movie a bit too seriously.

I thought the plot in this movie moved along very well. I can’t say that I thought for once throughout the movie, “Man, I really wish this would move along”. There are so many jump scares and cool visuals that it’s impossible to become “bored”. Again, the directing is classic Raimi. He has such a cool and innovative style that you instantly know it’s him behind the camera. Another thing I liked, and I may be in the minority here, is the sound in the movie. I loved how the audio would get extremely loud when a tense situation arose. I thought this was very effective in heightening the sense of paranoia and fear that resulted from the scene.

The acting was pretty good, I had no real problems with anyone’s performance in the film. Alison Lohman did a good job playing the role of the obviously insecure Christie Brown. Justin Long also did good in his role of the supportive boyfriend. I find it a little hard to judge most of these roles because this isn’t the type of movie where there is deep insight into character (well, at least not outside of Christie Brown).

All in all, what you have here is a very fun horror movie that any true horror fan should love. As I previously stated, if you “don’t get” Raimi’s brand of horror, you’ll find yourself taking this too seriously and hating it. However, if you love horror and appreciate the fact that this isn’t a remake, you’re in for a treat with this film.

Final Grade: A-