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Musicians You Should Know:: Part 1

In Musicians You Should Know on March 30, 2009 at 12:47 pm

In an attempt to boost the music portion of the site, I am going to start an ongoing article designed to help the readers of this site discover some new music they could possibly be unaware of. See how helpful we are around here?

Today I want to start with a musician who certainly is one of the most unique. He is the grandson of one of the most influential singer/songwriters of all time. Don’t know who I’m talking about yet? Well, the person in question is none other than Hank Williams III.


Now I know what the general conscious is on country music. Most people take what they hear on the radio as the representation of the genre as a whole. However, the country you hear on the radio is to real country what Good Charlotte is to real punk. It’s not even remotely close to the real thing. It doesn’t have the spirit of the “real” stuff. Hank Williams III also sees this and has made it his mission to not give in to the deteriorating capital of country music (that being Nashville, TN).

Now many of you may know Hank III from many other bands. He was the bass player for the Phil Anselmo fronted Superjoint Ritual. He also played drums in another band with Anselmo, that band being Arson Anthem. In addition to this, Hank III is distinctly unique in the way he sets up his live shows. Half of the show is country, and the other half belongs to his ”hellbilly” band, Assjack.

You pretty much have it all with Hank Williams the III. His earlier albums Risin’ Outlaw and Lovesick, Broke, and Driftin’ offer a more traditional country/western sound. On these records, it’s hard not to notice that Hank III sounds a lot like his grandfather. However, on his later releases Straight to Hell and Damn Right, Rebel Proud, Hank III offers a bit more of a mix to his sound. Sure, it’s still country, but songsĀ  like Long Hauls, Close Calls and P.F.F (a tribute to G.G. Allin), really let you see the punk/metal influence that is infused with the songs.

Of course I feel like all of these albums are worth owning or I wouldn’t be writing this article. Hank III has 4 studio releases out (this doesn’t include “Three Hanks”). Do yourself a favor and check this guy out.

Hank Williams III


Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts – Released in 1996 by Curb

Risin’ Outlaw – Released in 1999 by Curb

Broke, Lovesick, and Driftin’ – Released in 2002 by Curb

Straight to Hell – Released in 2006 by Bruc

Damn Right, Rebel Proud – Released in 2008 by Sidewalk