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Review:: Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown

In Music on May 25, 2009 at 11:15 pm

green-dayGreen Day have certainly evolved over time. It seems like it has been forever ago (1990 to be exact) since these guys made their debut with 39/Smooth. Since then they gained mainstream success with Dookie and somewhat became the band to hate with American Idiot. Sure that album enjoyed much success in sales and with critical response, it also gained some hate from the “true” punks out there. Of course, this is nothing new for Green Day. They felt the same backlash by signing with a major label way back with Dookie.

For me, Green Day has remained a favorite over the years. Insomniac was second to Metallica’s And Justice for All in getting me into a “different” type of music. While some may scoff at my collection of Green Day CD’s sitting neatly beside of my Black Flag and Minor Threat albums, I make no apologies. Green Day will forever remain a favorite for me, if for nothing but nostalgic bliss.

So with that being said, Green Day have offered their follow up to American Idiot. With 21st Century Breakdown Green Day continues the style they had with American Idiot, which means it’s another concept album. While it may seem hard to create a worthy successor to such a critically acclaimed album, I feel that Green Day have done a sufficient job here.

Within the confines of this album you’ll fine various songs containing the trademarked patterns of Green Day. Some good examples would be the single Know Your Enemy and Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. However, many may notice a more “arena rock” feel to songs such as 21 Guns. While it’s easy to miss the styles of Dookie or Insomniac, it’s a fact that these guys have grown up. While most may label that “selling out”, I would argue that it would be fairly silly for these guys to put out songs about smoking pot and waiting for parents to die when they’re around 40 years old.

But anyway, back to the new album, the only real problem I have with the album is the fact that many of the songs on this album can toe the line of being a bit pretentious. The bigger overblown arena rock-like songs can leave a taste in your mouth like that of listening to *shudder* U2. At times it seems like these guys are taking the songs and themselves way too seriously. Of course, this is my own opinion and I could be completely misreading everything.

Basically it boils down to one simple thing. If you liked American Idiot, or Green Day, you will like this album. That seems like a fairly obvious statement, but I don’t know how else to say it. I feel like this album falls into the “love it or hate it” category. Myself, I enjoy the album. Could it have been better? Maybe. Nonetheless, I can’t say I am disappointed due to the fact that I got what I was expecting.

Final Grade: A-