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Horror DVD Releases for 8/04/2009

In On Film on August 3, 2009 at 12:50 pm

ZombieAnother week of DVD/Blu-Ray horror is upon us. After a fairly eventful week last week, this week seems to be rather boring. However, there is one release that I encourage everyone to own.

ChaosExA former university professor traps six innocent strangers in an abandoned steam room and threatens to kill them by slowing cranking up the heat until they perish. The hostages can only be saved if a local newspaper publishes his story about global warming and its effects on humanity at large. A police investigator must then race against time to find the terrified, panicked subjects of The Chaos Experiment – a new test in survival.

– Personally, I think the plot of this movie sounds pretty dreadful. However, Val Kilmer is in this movie, so there is still hope. Rent this one if you need to kill some time.

Evil Christmas*PICK OF THE WEEK*

This holiday season, Sub Rosa invites you to experience a double feature of festive fright that will make you think twice about whether you’ve been naughty or nice. First up, gather round and bask in the warm glow of SATAN CLAUS, as he slashes his way through the Big Apple in search of the perfect ornaments- body parts! An actor and his detective girlfriend join forces with a voodoo priestess to seek out the killer Kris Kringle in an effort to stop him before he can kill again! Then, meet PSYCHO SANTA!  While en route to a holiday gathering, young Ron teases his wife about the legend of a backwoods Santa with an axe to grind. However, when the legend comes to life, the Christmas bash turns into a holiday bloodbath!

– There are two reasons to buy this movie on release day. First off, you get two movies for the price of one. Second, the movies are called Psycho Santa and Satan Claus. I am really looking forward to making this film apart of my holiday tradition.

mgrAmi (Minase Yashiro, in her film debut) is a tough but otherwise average high school girl, trying to lead a normal life. Her world comes crashing down when her brother and his friend are killed by ruthless bullies. As Ami tracks down the ringleader, she is surprised to discover the bullies’ association with a sinister ninja yakuza family. When she goes after her revenge, she soon finds herself in over her head and minus her left arm. Barely surviving, Ami escapes and seeks out shelter from two kindly garage mechanics. They take pity on her, fitting her with a high-powered machine gun where her arm used to be. She then teams up with the chainsaw-wielding mother (Asami) of her brother’s slain friend and together they unleash an unholy, non-stop, over-the-top kill fest against the equally creative machinery (drill bra, flying guillotine) of their relentless ninja enemies.

– I recently purchased the old DVD release of The Machine Girl and enjoyed it a lot. I honestly am a bit ignorant when it comes to this DVD, so I can’t really say anything other than it offers a bit more than the old release. Pick this up if you haven’t seen it or you’re a fan of movies such as Tokyo Gore Police.


A music agent, his necrophiliac nephew and a burnt-out roadie with a knack for grave-robbing team to create a superstar from some of the greatest rockers who ever lived: Elvis, Morrison, Hendrix, and Vicious. But things go bad when Liberace’s love tool mistakenly ends up in the mix. Equipped with the head of Elvis and the love tool of Lee, a schizo relationship develops between the monster and his privates. And sure enough, people have to die!

– If you read the description, I shouldn’t have to tell you why you need to see this.

Well, in my opinion, those are the most notable releases for this week. I should also quickly mention that the Blade Trilogy and Mimic are coming to Blu-Ray this week. Pick those up if you haven’t watched them/want to upgrade from the standard DVD release.

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