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Review: Wii Sports Resort

In Game Reviews on July 29, 2009 at 4:36 pm

wiisportsresort_2 Wii Sports returns to give gamers another go at sports stardom. This time around you’ll find yourself competing at the resort of WuHu (get it?…). Does this sequel hold up to the original?

I am sure that most people have played the original Wii Sports. It was the original showcase of just what the Wii console could do. Sure it wasn’t the perfect game, but seeing as how it was free with the console, you really can’t complain too much.

Now we enter the new era of Wii Sports with Wii Sports Resort. This time around your Mii seems to be enjoying a bit of a vacation. As you descend upon the resort at the beginning of the game, it becomes obvious that this isn’t the Wii Sports you knew….or is it?

Well, yes and no. Within the game are 12 mini-games. Out of that 12, 2 return from the first (bowling and golf). All of the games have “games within games”, so you won’t tire of them too quickly. I found that table tennis and sword play were the two that really stood out the most. These two just seem to be the games that would be extremely fun when playing with friends. Add alcohol to this equation and you have something amazing.

Not all of the games are so great. Canoeing just feels too much like a workout to be fun. That may sound lazy, but I just found it to be too tiresome to be enjoyable. Power cruising was another one I didn’t really care for. My contempt for this mini-game mainly comes from frustration with the controls. They just didn’t “feel right”, for whatever reason. Frisbee was another game I had a bit of an issue with. I hate frisbee in “real life”, so of course it isn’t going to do anything for me in gaming form.

Of course another notable thing about Wii Sports Resort is the Wii MotionPlus accessory that is included. If you didn’t know, the Wii MotionPlus accessory is designed to enhance the WiiMote accuracy and deliver the almighty 1:1 control. From what I can tell with this game, it succeeds. I really wasn’t expecting this thing to work like Nintendo had hyped it to work, but apparently it does. This was made clear when I played the bowling mini-game. To say that the bowling this time around is more sensitive is an understatement.

In summary, Wii Sports Resort is much like it’s predecessor. It’s a pretty shallow game, sure, but it’s a game you can pick up and play whenever you need to kill some time. It’s also a game that would be extremely fun to play with a group of friends. If you have a Wii, I would say this game should be a must have if you really enjoyed Wii Sports. While it’s not a mind-blowing experience, Wii Sports Resort offers just enough fun to warrant a purchase.

Final Grade: B+

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