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Review: Immortal Weapons #1

In Comic Reviews on July 26, 2009 at 7:10 pm
Immortal Weapons #1: Fat Cobra

Immortal Weapons #1: Fat Cobra

Fat Cobra begins the all new Immortal Weapons books. In this inaugural issue, we are introduced to the real story of Fat Cobra’s life.

Immortal Iron Fist is widely regarded as one of Marvel’s finer titles. In addition to great art and writing, a wide cast of eclectic characters contribute to making the book so great.¬† For whatever reason, it seems as if Fat Cobra is the most popular of the supporting characters. Perhaps it’s due to his past severe beating of Danny Rand? Whatever the case may be, it seems perfect to make him the first in the Immortal Weapons mini-series.

The premise of the book is simple. Fat Cobra hires a writer to research/write a book on his life’s story. When the task is said and done, the outcome isn’t quite what Fat Cobra had hoped it would be. In the course of the reading of his history, Fat Cobra faces a reality about his life that humbles him and leaves him broken.

Jason Aaron does a marvelous job of weaving this tale. The whole book is nothing short of a roller coaster of emotions. You actually see and feel the mood swings that Fat Cobra is dealing with upon discovering his real life. Everything Fat Cobra has known is revealed to be a lie, and to be honest, it creates a read that is nothing short of heartbreaking. The ending will have your jaw dropping and your heart aching. I know it sounds like I am spewing hyperbole, but just trust me on this.

Like the writing, the art is excellent. Mico Suyan handles the “in the present” art in the book, and it’s gorgeous. In my opinion, it’s some of the best art I’ve seen in a comic in quite some time. The flashback art was crafted by a variety of artists, all doing¬† near equally perfect jobs of portraying the story.

In addition to the amazing Fat Cobra origin, also included in the book is an accompanying Iron Fist arc. This arc appears to have a focus on Danny Rand’s ties to his community. All in all, it was a pretty nice little story that serves as a nice supplement. I definitely look forward to seeing where the story goes.

Immortal Weapons #1 is easily the best book of the week, in my opinion. If the following issues are just as good as this one, comic fans are definitely in for a treat. Pick this up as soon as humanly possible.

Final Grade: A+. Perfect.

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