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Review: Punisher #7

In Comic Reviews on July 17, 2009 at 7:15 pm

104_PUNISHER_7 Writer: Rick Remender

Art: Tan Eng Huat

Color: Lee Loughridge

Frank Castle continues to battle his demons in Punisher #7. Have they finally taken their toll on the much loved vigilante? Read on to find out.

*Possible Spoilers Throughout*

If you’re a bit out of the loop on the current Punisher arc, Frank Castle’s previously murdered villain D-list has been resurrected thanks to the Hood. When I say D-list, I definitely mean it. Remember Mirage? Of course not. Anyway, these guys are back and goofy as ever. Not only has the Hood brought back this gallery of goofs, he’s also propositioning Frank about bringing his murdered family back. Frank, as expected is having a rough time of dealing with this.

Personally, I love the fact that all of these D-lists bad guys have made a return. Sure they’re campy as all hell, but I think that brings a great deal of charm to the story. I find it hilarious to watch some of these guys refuse to evolve from the decade they came from. There is a scene at a card table that is pretty damn funny, I must say.

One issue I have with this issue is how the first half of the book seems to be nothing more than a dream sequence. I don’t care what it’s in, dream sequences annoy the hell out of me. If there was only one and then it’s done, I can deal with that, but it seems that’s not the case here. The only interesting thing about this avalanche of dream sequences was the gut wrenching “reunion” that Frank has with his family.

As far as the art is concerned, I wasn’t a fan. I thought Frank looked a bit weird in certain panels. A good example of this would be the opening scene with Frank in the church. Maybe it was just me but I thought he looked a little too old. I don’t think Huat is a bad artist by any means, but I just didn’t think his style worked here.

All in all I thought this was a throw away issue. I have loved the current run up until this one. I didn’t flat out hate it but I also can’t say that I enjoyed trudging through it. There were some things I enjoyed (family “reunion”, the Wraith scene, cannibal fly) and some things I hated (endless dream sequences. The best word to describe Punisher #7 is mediocre.

Final Grade: C

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