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Review: Deadpool #12

In Comic Reviews on July 17, 2009 at 4:42 pm
Deadpool #12

Deadpool #12

Writer: Daniel Way

Pencils: Paco Medina

Ink: Juan Vlasco

Colors: Marte Gracia

Deadpool and Hawkeye finish the fight in Deadpool #12! Was the ending of their brutal battle amazing? Are they actually BFF’s? Read on to find out!

*Possible Spoilers Throughout*

Daniel Way has done a marvelous job with the current arc in Deadpool. The Deadpool/”Hawkeye” battle, I feel, has been extremely entertaining. Watching Deadpool and “Hawkeye” get the upper hand on each other has been nothing short of great. I feel that Way has really found Deadpool’s niche in this arc by somewhat transforming the character. While he is no doubt still the Merc with the Mouth we know and love, Deadpool is also portrayed as a savvy killer who can outmaneuver you at any turn. It was nice seeing Deadpool become that version of himself rather than just being the comedian who provides an endless barrage of jokes.

Another thing I think Way did a great job of is giving us a clear winner in the fight. It’s extremely cliche’ to have a battle like this just to end up with a draw. With this arc, you don’t have to worry about that.  I was really shocked at how pathetic Way made the loser look. While some may be quick to piss and moan about the way the loser was portrayed, I thought it was brilliant to see the vulnerable side of that character. It was definitely something new that we rarely see.

This issue isn’t as funny as previous Deadpool’s, but I really had no problem with that. I don’t think it should be a necessity that every Deadpool book needs to be filled to the rim with jokes. This issue wasn’t and it was just fine without them.

The art in this book is really good. Paco Medina did a great job with this and really got everything right, I thought. There are a lot of sequences in the book that gave him free range and he used them wisely. Again, I felt the art was just about perfect.

Without giving anything away, the last page of this book is certainly a “WTF” moment. I couldn’t get any sense out of it, and after all I’ve read online, I am not the only one. To me, it just felt weird and it actually hurt the book a bit in my eyes. I am sure (or hoping, at least) that Marvel will explain all of this in future Deadpool books. But who knows?

Deadpool #12 is a great end to the Deadpool v.s. “Hawkeye” arc. Within you’ll find a really fun book that will have you pulled in until the infamous last page.  After that, you’ll just find yourself scratching your head wondering what you just saw.

Final Grade: B+

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