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Batman #688 Review

In Comic Reviews on July 12, 2009 at 11:33 am

BM688COVER Story: Judd Winick

Art: Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter

Colors: Ian Hannin

Cover: Tony Daniel

Publisher: DC Comics

In this month’s Batman, we see that Gotham’s Police Department have fallen in love with the “new” Batman. On the other side, Penguin is perturbed about the way things are being ran around him. Two-Face, however, knows there’s something a bit strange about this “new” Batman that is patrolling the streets of Gotham. Does this book stack up to the amazing Batman and Robin books? Find out after the jump!

Batman #688 begins with a very interesting scene. I thought this scene served as a really nice teaser that had my mind racing to the future of the comic. However, from that scene, the book doesn’t offer much else. Most of what we see from there seems to be repetitions from previous moments in Batman and Robin #2.

I really didn’t see the point in having the reader trudge through another scene with Alfred and Dick talking about his transformation into the new Batman. The only difference between the two is that this week’s discussion contains a more lighthearted tone than last week’s. This is a minor gripe, but for me, it was hard to look over this.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen more of Dick trying to win over the law enforcement of Gotham. For whatever reason this really intrigued me and I found myself wanting to see more of this. For most, this is something they could probably care less about. I suppose what I liked most about this particular bit is how even though Dick is clearly catering to the police by his actions, Commissioner Gordon is clearly not buying it yet.

I thought the scenes with the Penguin didn’t offer much. Sure they served a purpose, but for me, those could have been left out of the comic and I wouldn’t have been phased. On the other hand, I felt the scenes with Two-Face were great. I probably enjoyed this more than anything else in this week’s issue. The final few panels definitely had me hooked and made me curious to see what Two-Face planned on doing next.

The art in this issue was satisfactory. My only complaint, and this is one I have seen in other reviews, is that Damian and Dick don’t look much different in the sparring scene. If you look, their age difference doesn’t look as great as it should. Sure, this is probably just me grasping at straws, but after going back and looking I couldn’t get over it.

Batman #688 isn’t a bad book, but it just doesn’t hold up against the superb Batman and Robin series. Like I said earlier, it’s mainly a book that mirrors Batman and Robin, only difference being that Batman contains a lighter tone. Hopefully the next issue won’t be so repetitious. Again, not a bad book, but it’s nothing Earth shattering either.

Final Grade: C+

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