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Ms. Marvel #41 Review

In Comic Reviews on July 11, 2009 at 10:36 am

ms__marvel_41_super Poor Moonstone. She’s only been Ms. Marvel a short period of time and she is already forced to deal with a world of inconvenience. In Ms. Marvel #41, her problems seem to grow as she is struggling to deal with the New Avengers and our favorite mercenary, Deadpool. How will she handle this? What would Carol Danvers do!?

*Possible Spoilers Throughout*

I went into Ms. Marvel #41 not expecting much. The last couple of issues did nothing for me at all.  I had many gripes about those books, mainly the art and how the fight scenes seemed to go on for 20+ pages. Ms. Marvel #41 seemingly is going in a better direction.

Upon initially reading Ms. Marvel #41 you’ll immediately notice the number of cameos in the book. In the first few pages we see Deadpool going after M.O.D.O.K. babies. After that, we’re shifted to a scene with Spider-Man swinging through the city, only to be startled by an unknown being. The unknown being then directs him to Wolverine who is with the other unknown beings. It’s within this scene that we are told what those unknown beings are. Bet you can’t guess!….

This may sound a bit hypocritical seeing as how I’m applauding Marvel’s decision to bring Steve Rogers back, but should Carol Danvers have been brought back this soon? It has been, what, a month? To me, it just made the whole “death” seem pointless/needless. Upon reflection, I suppose it was.  What really came out of that? I realize anyone with half of a brain could see that Danvers was coming back, but this soon? Maybe it’s just me.

When you look beyond the “death” of Carol Danvers, I think you’ll find a decent (mediocre is probably a better description) turn for the Ms. Marvel series. If nothing else, this was certainly an improvement over the last few issues.

As I stated previously, I thought the art was suffering in the last few Ms. Marvel issues. Thankfully Ms. Marvel #41 has fixed that. The art here is much better than the manga-like style that was delivered previously. Sergio Arino does a good job with here and seems to have a good eye for the characters.

Let’s face it, this wasn’t a perfect read. As I said, I would say that this book was fairly mediocre at best. It was a good setup for the much-hyped Battle of the Marvels event that is just around the corner. If this book is any indication, Ms. Marvel seems to be improving. Even though Ms. Marvel seems to be a very hit or miss title, this issue leads me to believe that good things are in store for Ms. Danvers’  book.

Final Grade: C+

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