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Punisher: Frank Castle Max #72 Review

In Comic Reviews on July 10, 2009 at 12:14 am

105_PUNISHER__FRANK_CASTLE__mediumFrank Castle continues his “vacation” in the Bayou in Punisher: Frank Castle Max #72. You may ask, “Derk, is this book worth reading!?” Fear not, my friends! I will (somewhat) answer that question after the jump.


I know it’s the “cool” thing to say, but some would argue that there hasn’t been a really good Punisher story since Garth Ennis left. Do I agree with that? Well, to a certain extent, I guess so. If nothing else, I would at least say that the arcs haven’t been very memorable since the Ennis departure.

So does that proclamation hold true for the current arc centered around a sidetracked mission Frank finds himself in on the way to New Orleans? Well, yes and no.

I say yes because I really doubt this book will be remembered or hold up over time. It’s a pretty basic story full of random cliche’ after cliche’ that we’ve come to accept in Punisher titles. The characters are largely forgettable. I really can’t find myself caring for any of them outside of our ol’ pal, The Punisher.

I would also reply “no” because the story, as standard as it is, is fairly entertaining. I find it to be the equivalent of a popcorn flick. If you turn your mind off, you’ll find yourself enjoying the book much more.  It’s mindless fun that could be a lot worse. That is the sentence that sums up this book very nicely. Also, the ending of this issue really is effective in pumping you up to read the next, so kudos on that.

I really dig the art. Gordon Parlov makes his return and it shows. The shading and style really helps this book a great deal. Not much to say other than I am happy to see his return.

Oh, and this particular issue gets points because Frank’s reply to a query is one of the greatest things I’ve read in a comic. You’ll know it when you see it.

Final thought? Pick this up if you just need/want a comic that provides you with a story that won’t make you think all that hard. Because after all, why on Earth would anyone want to think any harder than they have to? Not me, that’s for sure!

Final Grade: C+

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