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"Heroes Reborn: Captain America" Review [Video]

In Comic Reviews on July 4, 2009 at 10:00 am

Happy Fourth of July!  To help you celebrate, I present a review I’d announced in this week’s Pull List, of Heroes Reborn: Captain America.  These comics may not stand the test of time, but why are they so important today?  Hit the jump and watch the video to find out! 

Psst! You can also view this in iTunes!

Yes, the audio becomes slightly unsynced towards the end. As I’m sure you can all tell, I’m learning how to use a lot of my toys still. I’ll be fixing that soon, but if you want to know why this is up in its current state, I was on a self-imposed deadline! So terribly sorry, but the audio is intact, and that’s really what’s important, so it’ll be fixed as soon as possible!

  1. I’d read the Onslaught story and just assumed that all the people who died at the end showed up again a few months down the line. I had no idea they got their own stupid Liefeld-infused universe!

    • Only “Captain America” and “The Avengers” were Liefeld-infused. “The Invincible Iron Man” and “Fantastic Four” were handled by Jim Lee’s Wildstorm. I’ve not looked at “Fantastic Four”, but from what I could tell in “Invincible Iron Man” it was a better book.

      And in all honesty, the last 6 issues of “Captain America”, after Liefeld left, are a much better book. Still not necessarily good, but a much better book.

  2. […] of legacy hero, but hey, the sentiment is still there.  You may remember Rikki Barnes from our Heroes Reborn: Captain America retrospective. The long adored Girl Bucky is in the core Marvel Universe now, and seeking her own place in the […]

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