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Why aren't you reading…Raymondo Person?

In Comic Reviews on July 3, 2009 at 12:37 pm


Oh, Raymondo Person. I can’t tell you how I stumbled across this Australian gem. It’s not that I don’t want to. I would love to take you to a bar, buy you a mojito and tell the tale of how empty my life was until I came across this web comic .

Let’s just say, one day, my daily web comic list is at 54*. The next day, my list mysteriously increased by one. It wouldn’t surprise me if Raymond Person’s creator, Patrick Alexander, drugged me, added his comic to my daily reading list and left.

In fact, that makes a better introduction. I came across Raymondo Person after Patrick Alexander drugged me and added his web link to my delicious account**.

Raymondo Person is written and drawn by Australian cartoonist, Patrick Alexander.

The story follows the life of Raymondo Person, a man who could easily be mistaken for the love child of Ziggy and an xkcd cast member, and his equally ambiguous friends. There is rabbit eared, legless Tobias, and his partner in crime a rock shaped creature named Jube. The jovial and creepy El Bobba and Louie, the rectangular owners of Cosmolostomy bar. (El Bobba is the more eloquent of the two, while Louie tends to react to situations with the phrase, “Babu”.) Tony T. Barman, the eye patch wearing bartender at Tony’s bar, who openly hates tampons and all that is Cosmolostomy.

Let’s not forget: Satan, dancing clown bunnies, Meiko the banjo playing waitress, and Cousin Eustace.

Mr. Alexander’s characters are adorable, the story lines are bizarre, and his inking and shading skills are mad fresh.

He updates whenever he feels like it. Fortunately for us, the trend seems to be an update at least every three days.

If you make a monetary donation, to keep Mr. Alexander in ink or whatever it is Australian’s use to draw their comics, you will receive a PDF booklet of drawings titled, 25 Drawings of Raymondo Person Standing Next to Trees and Things and Waving at You.. It’s well worth the donation cost, which is any amount you have to spare.

The strips are done in black and white, which emphasizes Mr. Alexander’s incredible inking and shading skills, in my humble opinion. Typically, when the donation pool reaches $200, a Raymondo Person comic strip is done in color. Mr. Alexander has announced today that Raymondo Person will be done in color from now on.

I recommend reading from the beginning, which starts in 2004. Four and a half years of comics might sound like a task, but Mr. Alexander’s refreshing art style, absurd story lines, and intoxicating characters will have you repeatedly hitting the next button until you are caught up in no time.

After that, you go in a corner and cry because it’ll be another three days until he updates.

Raymondo Person from the beginning:

Raymondo Person, permanent link:

* Yes, I read 54 web comics on a daily basis. 55 counting Raymondo Person. Don’t judge me.

**To avoid any possible defamation lawsuits, I, Squarerootofpi, swear that Patrick Alexander creator of Raymondo Person has done nothing to sully nor harm my person. Yet.

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