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What Is…Paul?

In On Film on June 26, 2009 at 10:44 am

pegg-frost-paul-300x225I am one of those  fan girls who will see anything Simon Pegg is connected to. Shaun of the Dead? I watch it daily while eating a strawberry Cornetto . Hot Fuzz? Weekly, while I nosh on a Cornetto Classico. Band of Brothers for a two episode part? Monthly, sans Cornetto since that joke only applies to films Pegg and Frost produce together. Fortunately for me, Mr. Pegg made a deal with the devil to only produce entertainment fried gold.

Currently Pegg and Nick Frost are in production on the film ‘Paul”. When Messrs. Pegg and Frost team up, I’m already in queue to pre-order the deluxe director’s cut two disc DVD. But before I set up my sleeping bag and settle in for the wait, I decided to do a little fact finding mission and find out what this movie is about.

IMDB tells me the plot is about Two British comic-book geeks traveling across the USA together. There is also the mysterious cast listing of Seth Rogen as only a voice. Sigourney Weaver is rumored to be connected to the film. Jason Bateman, Blythe Danner, Kristen Wiig, and The State’s Joe Lo Truglio are listed in the cast. Alright, I’m game, this sounds like it has potential. But I want more information. Maybe the cast and crew could make short videos updating their potential audience about what is happening on set?

What do I wake up to this morning, but a relevant entry on Simon Pegg’s website.

The fine folks behind the production of Paul have heard my…thoughts, and created a website to answer our questions. What is…Paul?

Currently there are five videos up on the site, and the promise of more behind the scene videos, shot by Lance Bangs, as well as candid photographs. Also, the plot summary they offer is ever more satisfying than the  Melba toast wafer of information on IMDB.

According to What is…PAUL?:

PAUL is a comedy about two sci-fi geeks who embark upon a pilgrimage in a RV to the center of America’s UFO heartland: Nevada’s infamous Area 51. While in the middle of that desert, the two friends encounter a fugitive alien by the name of Paul. Somewhat reluctantly, they embark upon an adventure that will change not just their lives forever, but also the lives of the friends and enemies they encounter along the way.

My  expectations are high for this film. Knowing Messrs. Frost and Pegg’s previous work, I am  certain I won’t be disappointed.

I only have two questions now. One, will the Frost and Pegg Cornetto joke be included in this film? Two, will it be a Cornetto Mint?

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