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"New Avengers" #54 Review

In Comic Reviews on June 26, 2009 at 2:13 am

New Avengers #54

New Avengers #54


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils: Billy Tan

Inks: Batt and Billy Tan

Colors: Justin Ponsor

The Marvel Universe has a new Sorceror Supreme in Brother Voodoo, now known by the ridiculous moniker of Doctor Voodoo.  Its a shame what’s happening to Doctor Strange, someone fans love that Bendis has made a mockery of in recent years.  Stephen Strange is still around, and taking on the task of training Doctor Voodoo, but seriously, why is Bendis doing this to Strange?

The issue itself is basically one big action scene.  We learn that Brother Voodoo is joined in his title of Sorceror Supreme by the spirit of his brother, Jeremiah.  Voodoo aids Stephen Strange and Damien Hellstrom in containing The Hood and exorcising the spirit of Dormammu from him, leaving only Parker Robbins.  Clint tries to utilize the media once more to steer the public against Norman Osborn, but Osborn worms his way out of it.

The issue is a conclusion to the Sorceror Supreme arc, and also ends The Hood, but does Bendis realize that there’s a Dark Reign Hood mini-series still going on?  With that little gem, and Carol Danvers still being alive in this book several months after her death, Bendis is constantly shitting on any notion of streamlined continuity in the current Marvel Universe.  I’ve said it for months, and I still stand by it: Bendis is a one trick pony who can write snappy dialogue and not much else, with his larger storylines typically devolving into unreadable messes before the end (See Secret Invasion), and has been given way too much editorial control.  .

Billy Tan does a passable job on the art, with consistant style and some lovely work on the inks (wish assists from Batt), but there’s not a lot worth looking at. The book basically revolves around the same 5 minute actions cene for its entirety.

New Avengers #54 gets a D.  Its a shame that a book once so great is falling apart so fast, but the bastardization of the Sorceror Supreme title and the title’s inconsistency with current Marvel continuity is inexcusable.


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