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The Pull List! Week of June 3, 2009

In The Pull List! on June 2, 2009 at 8:00 pm

Hey guys.

I know, I did a video last week. But my apartment is up for inspection, and I’ve been cleaning up. In short, I am wiped the hell out right now, and can barely keep my eyes open. I’m looking to start doing regular video reviews of comics, but its gonna take some time as I try to figure out a proper format to get it working. Until then, here’s the script for what would have been this week’s Pull List article. Its the same thing, just not quite as read to you.

This week kicks off with our DC Pick of the Week, BATMAN AND ROBIN #1. The Grant Morrison penned and Frank Quitely illustrated issue features the brand new Dynamic Duo taking on new villains The Circus of Strange. Meanwhile, the Green Lantern Corps stays busy this week, as they arrive to investigate the recently formed New Krypton in SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON #4 and Solomon Grundy rages against the Lantern itself in SOLOMON GRUNDY #4, while the fallout of Final Crisis continues in FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: ESCAPE #2 and FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: RUN! #2. Artemis returns to the DC Universe in SECRET SIX #10, which sees the team being blackmailed by someone claiming to be their former boss, while The Warlord and his companions reach the Shadow Lands in THE WARLORD #3, and Adam Strange struggles to deal with omnipotence in STRANGE ADVENTURES #4.

Spidey isn’t quite as busy as he was last week, but he’s still keeping occupied with the continuation of American Son in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #596, and facing what could be his final adventure in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #133, which also ties into this week’s ULTIMATUM #4. Daredevil tries to keep up, with DAREDEVIL NOIR #3 and guest starring in DEADPOOL: SUICIDE KINGS #3. Despite the announcement of its impending demise, Marvel’s heroes from the other side of the pond get their first annual and our pick of the week, CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13 ANNUAL #1, while Hank Pym leads a raid on the Baxter Building in MIGHTY AVENGERS #25. Clint Barton and Bobbi Morse continue to reevaluate their place in the world in NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION #4, while Norman Osborn faces a public crisis in DARK AVENGERS #5. The X-titles put in appearances this week with WAR OF KINGS #4, WOLVERINE: REVOLVER #1, a new one-shot which puts Wolverine in Vegas, and Legion returns in NEW MUTANTS #2. Frank Castle must stop a snuff film ring, but to do so he’ll have to infiltrate the building completely unarmed in the one shot PUNISHER MAX: NAKED KILL, while the new Black Panther fights to save T’Challa from Morlun in BLACK PANTHER #5, and Namora seeks to reason with Cabal member Namor The Sub-Mariner in AGENTS OF ATLAS #6.

That’s it for this week! We’ll see you guys next week for another edition of this week’s comics and (hopefully) a slew of reviews.

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