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Review:: Terminator: Salvation

In On Film on May 23, 2009 at 4:24 pm


So after much hoopla, the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise is here. Let me just say that if you didn’t like the third Terminator, you probably won’t like this one seeing as how it makes that film seem flawless in comparison. I read another review online that talked about being unable to start the review with a synopsis of the plot because the lack of a plot within the movie. I have found myself facing this same problem. I mean, there are things that happen, but an actual plot? I am honestly unaware of a plot in this film.

If you didn’t know by now, this movie was directed by McG. Don’t worry, his name pops up about 30 times during the credits, so you’ll know damn well who is to blame for this by the time they’re over. I had heard much concern over Mr. McG directing the next movie in the beloved Terminator franchise. That concern was justified. As I’ve stated before, this movie has no plot. To me, this just felt like a generic “blow shit up” action flick. So yeah, it felt like a Micheal Bay film.

The acting was pretty lacking as well, I thought. Christian Bale does a great job speaking in a Clint Eastwood-like voice and screaming “NO!” and “GO!”. Other than that, however, he doesn’t really do much of anything. Sam Worthington did a great job as Marcus Wright, he was truly the stand-out of the film. The rest of the cast, however, did a pretty lackluster job. Nothing stands out, trust me. It’s all pretty stock.

Another thing about the film that really bothered me was how John Connor seems almost irrelevant in this film. To be such an important aspect of the three previous Terminator movies, he doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot here. Marcus Wright is the star of the film, ignore anything telling you otherwise.

Yet another thing about this movie that I hated was the lack of Arnold. Yes, I know he’s a governor now, but why even make this movie without him? To me that is the equivalent of making a Rocky or Rambo without Stallone, it’s just not the same. The PG-13 rating is also a sad turn of events. Lets face it, the three previous movies were foul mouthed and violent and that added to their appeal. Here you have hardly either. To me it just seems really obvious that they watered it down in order to sale more tickets.

All in all there’s nothing really to say besides I hated the movie. Probably one of the worst movies I’ve watched this year. I love the 3 previous movies, so needless to say I was a little pissed at the the apparent direction the franchise is headed. I know it’s a lame joke that has been said numerous times in various reviews, but I will repeat it for accuracy….

I wish I could go back in time and stop this movie from being made.

Final Grade: F

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