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Guest Review: "Star Trek" (2009)

In On Film on May 8, 2009 at 10:30 am

The following review contains spoilers.

"Star Trek" (2009) Final PosterSpace.  The final frontier.  We finally get to see what happens before the first five year mission.  As my friend Chris posted in his review, wake up Hollywood, this is how you do a reboot, though as we the fans know with Star Trek, time travel has been part of the franchise multiple accounts, so technically not a reboot.

We start off with Romulus under the threat of its sun going supernova, Spock (Nimoy) has come to help using red matter to generate a black hole that would stop the supernova. Unfortunately the sun is far beyond that it is too late to help the Romulans.  A surviving Romulan, Nero (Bana) vows revenge against Spock.

Nero’s ship is the first to exit the hole, encountering the USS Kelvin. Which he attacks, in the events of Kelvin are under attack George Kirk becomes captain of the ship, during it’s finally moments.  We then see the early lives of Kirk and Spock, all culminates when they arrive on the Enterprise.  In my mind I couldn’t help it when seeing the new Enterprise, I heard in my head Goldsmith’s “The Enterprise” score from the ST: The Motion Picture.

Chris Pine as Kirk, was done very well bring his qualities and Shatner’s together brilliantly.  Zachary Quinto was suburb as Spock, very talented.  Karl Urban’s McCoy is spot on to Kelley’s, I grinned every time I heard a line from him. Along with Cho, Yelchin, Saldana, and Pegg rounded out such a great cast.  Eric Bana was good as Nero though I would have to like seen more of him, not his fault.

Cinematography of the film was another excellent point, seeing the Enterprise was beautifully done, as some of have said the new Bridge puts the Apple Store to shame. I also like the more mechanical look of engineering section.  It’s hard to describe the ship fighting sequences because they were so awesome.  The old is new again and hopefully will remain so.  I will be very disappointed if it goes years again before we see another Star Trek, if so Paramount needs a kick in the butt.  Star Trek you have been and always shall be my friend.  Live long and prosper.

This guest review was written by Travis Tierney and does not neccessarily reflect the views and opinons of The HomeWorld…but who are kidding, Star Trek was awesome!

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