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The Pull List! Week of May 6, 2009

In The Pull List! on May 4, 2009 at 12:40 am

Hope you guys are enjoying the new layout so far!! Its a pretty strong week for comics, with Power Girl debuting and the New Mutants returning, while we find out what’s happening to The Human Flame now that the entire DC Universe wants him dead. Remember, just because it isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it isn’t good!


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Batman: Battle For The Cowl -- The Network

Batman: Battle For The Cowl -- The Network

Batman: Battle For The Cowl – The Network

Why You Should Read It: Its a Battle For The Cowl tie-in showcasing the exploits of everyone else who’s helping defend the city. Batgirl, Misfit, and Ragman are all around to help save the day, or are they?

What You Need To Know: As Dick Grayson struggles with the death of Batman, Tim Drake was defeated and seemingly killed by Jason Todd, and Catwoman learned that Black Mask is seemingly back from the dead.

Official Solicitation: “A wave of heroes arrive in Gotham City in this one-shot with hopes of helping stem the tide of chaos threatening to overwhelm everybody! Starring Huntress, Batgirl, Misfit, Ragman, Manhunter and many others. Will these heroes succeed – or will they be victims of Gotham City’s madness? And if they do succeed, what does the future hold for them?”

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #1

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #1

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #1 (Of 6)

Why You Should Read It: What became of the Human Flame when Darkseid and the forces of evil were defeated? This six part mini-series explores the underworld of the DC Universe, as the most wanted man alive finds himself attacked from all sides.

What You Need To Know: The villainous Libra arrived to take over the super villain community of the world, and his first stop was Z list villain The Human Flame. To earn his trust and showcase his powers, Libra captured and killed the Martian Manhunter, which Human Flame taped and sent out to the world via a cell phone, essentially putting a bounty on his head from heroes and villains alike.

Official Solicitation: “The Human Flame is a dead man. Literally just waking up after the events of FINAL CRISIS, he realizes all the heroes in the DC Universe target him as the lowlife who taped the murder of the Martian Manhunter with his cell phone. On top of that, all the villains in the world want to kill him for selling them out to Libra. He’s powerless and penniless, and his only chance for survival is to run! This 6-issue miniseries examines the underbelly of the DCU and what happens when the wrong choices catch up with you. Nothing can prepare you for this chase.”

Power Girl #1

Power Girl #1

Power Girl #1

Why You Should Read It: Power Girl finally steps into her own with her long announced, oft delayed solo series. And considering her relation to a few certain heroes, she’s bound to be a huge player in the upcoming Blackest Night.

What You Need To Know: A holdover from the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, Power Girl is actually the pre-Crisis Supergirl and cousin of Earth-2 Superman. Learning her true heritage in “Infinite Crisis” she has since gone on to serve as Chairwoman of the JSA.

Official Solicitation: “In her own ongoing series at last! Straight from the pages of JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, Power Girl starts life anew by building herself a secret identity. But a major villain from her past has other plans in store for the Super Hero, and to get his way, he’s holding Manhattan hostage!

From the fan-favorite writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (JONAH HEX, TERRA) and featuring the vivacious art of Amanda Conner (JSA CLASSIFIED, TERRA) comes this rip-roaring new series!”

Also shipping this week from DC Comics…

The Flash: Rebirth #2 (Of 5) – What has happened to the Speed Force, and how does it relate to the return of Barry Allen?

Superman: World of New Krypton #3 (Of 12) – How close is Superman to uncovering General Zod’s mission?


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Cable #14

Cable #14

Cable #14

Why You Should Read It: The ongoing saga of Nathanial Dayspring Summers, a.k.a. Cable, as he tries to protect the Messiah Child, Hope, from villainous former X-Man Bishop. But is Hope destined to save mutantkind, or destroy it?

What You Need To Know: Following the events of “Messiah CompleX”, Cable took the Messiah Child and fled to the future, pursued relentlessly by Bishop, who has sought to kill the child to prevent his horrific future from happening. Meanwhile, to protect the future of the Mutant race, as well as to aid Cable and Hope when they could, Cyclops formed the wetworks team X-Force with a singular mission: to kill all threats to the last of the Mutants.

Official Solicitation: “”X-FORCE/CABLE: MESSIAH WAR,” PART 4
The sequel to 2007’s MESSIAH COMPLEX continues here! “Messiah War,” the much-anticipated sequel to “Messiah CompleX,” continues here! For the first time, Cable’s been separated from the girl he’s sworn to raise and protect – Hope, the so-called “Mutant Messiah” – and now she’s in the hands of his greatest enemy! Meanwhile, X-Force, sent by Cyclops on a desperate rescue mission to the deep future, scrambles to find their way out of a trap that will kill them in matter of hours. And if that’s not enough, an old – some might say ancient – enemy of the X-Men has reared his ugly head one last time…”

Deadpool #10

Deadpool #10

Deadpool #10

Why You Should Read It: The Merc With A Mouth (not that horrible fake on from X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is riding high on a wave of popularity, and he’s still maintaining that trademark wit!

What You Need To Know: Born of the Weapon X program that created Wolverine, Wade Wilson is the deadly yet insane mercenary known as Deadpool. The unsung hero of the Secret Invasion, Deadpool stole the secrets to defeating the Skrull Queen for Nick Fury, only to have them stolen by Norman Osborn before he could get them to Fury. Being that he is a mercenary, Deadpool has his sights set on Osborn, intending to get the money he feels he’s owed for services rendered…

Official Solicitation: “”BULLSEYE,” PART 1 OF 3
Norman Osborn is through playing around with Deadpool-it’s time to send in the big guns. The big, crazy guns that never, ever miss. He may be wearing a new costume, but he’s still the same ol’ psychopath…”

New Mutants #1

New Mutants #1

New Mutants #1

Why You Should Read It: Its the return of the classic X-Men characters “The New Mutants”, returning proper after more than 15 years apart.

What You Need To Know: Originally formed by a Brood-possessed Professor Xavier, the New Mutants are members of Xavier’s second class of X-Men. Now, with the return of Illyana Rasputin in X-Infernus, the team has joined together to defeat Legion, the villain who sent the X-Men into the Age of Apocolypse!

Official Solicitation: “They’re back together again! Cannonball, Dani Moonstar, Karma, Sunspot, Magma and Magik have been gathered once more, but can they stand against one of the most powerful X-Villains of all time? Legion is back, and the villain that thrust us into the Age of Apocalypse is scarier than ever. But what does he want with the New Mutants? Zeb Wells (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Diogenes Neves (X-MEN: WORLDS APART) bring your favorite teen heroes into adulthood. Don’t miss it!”

Also shipping this week from Marvel Comics…

Amazing Spider-Man #593 – Spidey meets the all-new Vulture!

Daredevil Noir #2 – This Noir reinvention of Daredevil continues as Daredevil meets Kingpin!

Destroyer #2 – Popular British anti-hero Destroyer is facing death, but can he take care of some unfinished business first?

Exiles #2 – The new team of Exiles must help Wolverine overthrow the reign of Magneto, but how can they do that when Wolverine is dead?

Invincible Iron Man #13 – Pepper Potts is captured by Norman Osborn as Tony Stark races against time to destroy the Super Hero Registration Act information stored in his mind.

New Avengers: The Reunion #3 – The love of Clint Barton’s life? It was all a lie. But what happened to Mockingbird while she was held captive by Skrulls?

War of Kings #3 – With a wedding crashed and a war announced, its the Inhumans versus Emperor Vulcan and the Shi’ar Empire!

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