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The Pull List! Week of April 29, 2009

In The Pull List! on April 28, 2009 at 1:00 pm

So here we are again. A new week, a new Pull List. Derk just finished up college for the semester, and my temp assignment just ended, so expect me to get the site back to its full running potential during this lapse. In the meantime, why not pick up some ad space to show off your website and help support ours? I’m also looking into launching a store so you can purchase official HomeWorld merchandise.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s Pull List! Legion of Three Worlds makes its return, as it edges closer to its grand finale, while an old friend from the X-Men’s past makes their shocking return. As always, this is just the list of purchases I recommend, but just because its not on the list doesn’t mean it isn’t good! If you enjoy this article, leave a comment to let us know, or hit the button the left and leave us a DIGG.


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Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds #4 (Of 5)

Why You Should Read It: Curious as to when and how Bart Allen returned to the present day DC Universe? This pending classic from Geoff Johns and George Perez has all your answers!

Last Issue: Superman and the Legions faced off against Superboy Prime and his Legion of Super Villains, as the Legion of Super Heroes pulled their ace out of the hole, resurrecting Bart Allen, who returned de-aged back to his teenage self and wearing his Kid Flash uniform.

Official Solicitation: “Don’t miss this issue as lightning strikes again in the DC Universe! The Crisis of the 31st century continues as a great hero falls and another returns to help Superman and the Legion combat the murderous Superboy-Prime! Meanwhile, the Time Trapper makes his move against the three Legion founders, Polar Boy’s bizarre mission comes to an end and Superman makes a shocking discovery that will redefine the terms of this war.”

Green Lantern #40Green Lantern #40

Why You Should Read It: “The Blackest Night” is set to take over the DC Universe, and it all starts here!

Last Issue: Hal Jordan was spared the fate of a Red Lantern when Saint Walker placed his Blue Lantern ring on Hal. Now, Hal can’t get the ring off, much to the dismay of the Guardians, as Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern, arrives furious at the Guardians, claiming they have violated a treaty.

Official Solicitation: “”Agent Orange” part 2! The prelude to “The Blackest Night” continues as the war of light explodes across the Vega System. It’s the Green Lantern Corps vs. the bizarre Orange Lantern Corps led by the most disgusting, filthiest, vilest being in the universe. But now that Agent Orange has been disturbed, what does that mean to the rest of the universe? Plus, John Stewart battles alongside his newest ally…Fatality?

Superman #687Superman #687

Why You Should Read It: With Superman undercover on New Krypton, he has left Metropolis in the able hands of Mon-El and The Guardian, but are even they enough for a world ripped apart by the effects of “New Krypton”?

Last Issue: Mon-El has assumed the identity of Jonathan Kent, Clark’s cousin from England, and joined the Science Police alongside The Guardian.

Official Solicitation: “Mon-El has agreed to be Metropolis’s new champion – unfortunately Metropolis wants nothing to do with him! In the wake of the events in the “New Krypton” saga, Mon-El faces fierce anti-Kryptonian sentiments from a city that assumes he’s Kryptonian. Oh, and there’s also the not-so-small problem of Rampage. Meanwhile, the Guardian and his Science Police must deal with the Prankster’s new wave of murderous fun. And Black Lightning and Steel face the repercussions of a world without Superman.”

Also shipping this week from DC Comics…

Justice Society of America #26 The JSA celebrates Stargirls birthday.

Batman: Battle For The Cowl – Underground A look at how the villains of Gotham are reacting to the death of The Dark Knight.

Superman/Batman #59 The conclusion of “Nanopolis”, as Superman and Batman fight.

Teen Titans #70 “Deathtrap” Part 3! The Teen Titans are forced to fight the Titans!

Wonder Woman #31 “Rise of the Olympian” continues as Diana fights Achilles!


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Dark Avengers #4Dark Avengers #4

Why You Should Read It: The Dark Reign has taken the concept of the Thunderbolts and multiplied it exponentially, creating one of the most intriguing concepts in comics today: the villains are The Avengers!

Last Issue: The Dark Avengers teamed up with Doctor Doom to battle Morgana le Fay, who sought to kill Doom for betraying her. As the rest of the Dark Avengers were being soundly beaten, Doctor Doom allowed Norman Osborn to use his Iron Patriot armor to utilize Doom’s own armor, sending the two back in time and to the stronghold of Morgana le Fay.

Official Solicitation: “”The Dark Avengers’ first mission shows Norman Osborn all the plusses and minuses of the choices he has made for his team. So changes must be made. Some come, some go, and not everyone is happy about it. Also, the Cabal reunites for the first time since the Dark Reign began, and they are REALLY not happy.”

Nova #24Nova #24

Why You Should Read It: With the rebirth of the Nova Corps and Richard Rider stripped of his title as Nova Prime, the book has taken twist after twist to craft one of the greatest space titles created to date.

Last Issue: As Richard Rider faced death following his separation from the Nova Force, the newly revived Quasar gave Richard his Quantum Bands, which not only saved his life but turned Richard into the new Quasar!

Official Solicitation: “A WAR OF KINGS tie-in! As the Shi’Ar and the Kree’s cataclysmic battle explodes across the cosmos, Richard Rider is forced to fight the one opponent he never wanted to: the ancient power that made him Nova in the first place! Yes, it’s time for another of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s trademark jaw-dropping plot swerves! Plus: Please welcome new series artist Andrea DiVito (ANNIHILATION) to the book that Aint It Cool News says is packed with “twists and turns, thrills and scares, cool stuff and awesomely jaw-droppingly cool stuff!””

Uncanny X-Men #509Uncanny X-Men #509

Why You Should Read It: The X-Men’s move to San Francisco has redefined the band of heroes, the last of a dieing species. And as the pending Dark Avengers crossover and the fallout from Messiah War looms, what will happen next to the mighty mutants?

Last Issue: Northstar was offered a place on the team, as Madylene Pryor and her team of female villains stole the remains of Kwannon, the X-Man more commonly known as Psylocke.

Official Solicitation: “The X-Men get up to the delicate art of living as the Sisterhood plan their imminent demise. The Science Team gets to work, trying very hard not to kill one another first. Simon Trask gains traction in the California state legislature, muscling PROPOSITION X to an emergency ballot vote. If it passes, mutants past and present, powered and otherwise, won’t be allowed to breed… all this and a friend returns as a foe and ready for murder. Oh, things are getting ugly.”

Also shipping this week from Marvel Comics…

Captain America Theater Of War: A Brother In Arms Captain America leads a raid against the Nazis, and finds himself having to take care of a German Prisoner of War.

Dark Reign: The Cabal #1 Who are The Cabal, and why are they banded together to aid Norman Osborn?

Ms. Marvel #38 Carol Danvers is dead! Long live Ms. Marvel?

Runaways #9 Can the Runaways defeat a group of zombies?

Thunderbolts #131 “Magnum Opus” Part 4! The final confrontation between Deadpool and the new Thunderbolts!

War Machine #5 War Machine versus Ares, the God of War! Plus, how far will Jim Rhodes go to complete his mission?

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