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Review: Lamb of God – Wrath

In Music on March 17, 2009 at 11:58 am


If nothing else, you have to admire Lamb of God for sticking to their sound. Despite great album sales and a slow seep into the mainstream, Lamb of God haven’t went soft yet. Wrath is no exception to this. While I don’t think it’s as good as their previous efforts (Sacrament excluded), it’s still a damn enjoyable album.

One immediate thing most will notice about the album is the instrumental intro, “The Passing”. Even though it’s not very long, for me, it’s one of the stand outs on the album. This particular song mixes acoustic guitars with crashing electric guitars that calls back to a time when every metal song seemingly followed this formula when writing an intro for a song. They flirt with this again on the track “Grace”.  I felt that this was a nice touch and it’s good to see a band go back to their roots like this.

While you won’t find clean vocals on the album, on certain tracks you will notice that singer Randy Blythe has taken a different approach to his work. The best evidence of this is on the track “In Your Words”. On first listen of this song, the vocals really bugged me, for whatever reason. But after repeated listens, I found myself becoming less and less annoyed by it.

If there is one downfall of this album, it’s something that a lot of metal albums suffer from; a lot of songs sound the same. To me, once I made it past “Grace”, every song seemed the same. While this isn’t a huge problem because this is less than half of the album, it’s still something that bugs me.  But I certainly could think of bigger issues that could plague an album.

Similar sounding songs aside, this isn’t a bad album. Admittedly I was no fan of Sacrament. I think I’ve listened to that particular album twice since I bought it, never picked it up again. However, with this album, Lamb of God makes up for it in my eyes. It probably won’t be album of the year, but it’s still pretty damn good listen.

Final Grade: B+