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The Pull List! Week of March 11th, 2009

In The Pull List! on March 16, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Just like a few weeks ago, when Marvel unleashed an onslaught of Avengers titles, they’re doing it again this week: every X-Men title but Cable is coming out this week!!  It seems like poor marketing, in my opinion.  How could they possibly expect people who are fans of the books to afford all these?  Ultimate X-Men and Young X-Men end this week, but next month will also see the launch of the revamped New Mutants, which we now know is going to feature Illyana Rasputin.

Meanwhile, over on the DC side of things, we’re getting our second Battle for the Cowl crossover, this week, and I’m really excited.  I was a pretty big fan of Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael, and I’m eager to see if I’m right about who this new Azrael is, and how they’re going to handle the character.  Judging by solicits on DC’s website, though, it looks like this one is going to be great.

That said, lets get going!  Time for this week’s PULL LIST!


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Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #1Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #1(Of 3)

Why You Should Read It: After a nearly 10 year absence, the character of Azrael is returning to the DC Universe…but who is the new Angel of Vengence? Jean Paul Valley is long dead, so who has the Order of St. Dumas chosen as its new symbol of death and vengence?

Official Solicitation: “He was a husband and a father. A brother and a friend. A cop and a dark knight. But he had all that taken away. And in return, he was given a suit of sorrows, a quest for redemption and a new name. He is Azrael, avenging angel for the Order of Purity and a new protector for Gotham City’s troubled times. But who will protect the citizens from him?

Guest-starring Robin, Nightwing, Talia and the League of Assassins, this miniseries runs alongside BATTLE FOR THE COWL and features the dramatic presence of a strangely familiar, troubled hero with two things on his mind: crazed vengeance for the wrongs he has suffered and salvation for the sins he continues to commit!”

os16The Outsiders #16

Why You Should Read It: Okay, I said I would give this title a bit more of a chance, and I’m sticking by that. The new team of classic mixed with new Outsiders, has a lot of promise and potential, and its time to see if the series will live up to that. There’s a lot of interesting things coming up too; early solicits indicate an appearance by Deathstroke, and anyone who remembers his last meeting with Geo-Force knows that this is going to be an encounter to remember!

Official Solicitation: “”The Deep” part 2 of 6. Who are The Insiders, and what exactly are they searching for deep under the Earth’s surface that could alter the future of mankind? As The Outsiders engage the first defensive circle of The Insiders, the newly formed team face a severe test as Geo-Force displays a unique perspective on how best to lead them in battle – and it doesn’t sit well with Black Lightning.”

sg39Supergirl #39

Why You Should Read It: Torn between two worlds even more than her cousin, the Girl of Steel has been enjoying a resurgence of storytelling as of late. The current “Who Is Superwoman?” story has been an interesting tale, and I’m eager to see what happens next, as Kryptonians are banned from Earth…all but Superman! As for this issue, it looks like we’ll be finding out who Superwoman actually is, so place your bets now!

Official Solicitation: ““Who is Superwoman?” part 3! Supergirl continues her manhunt for Reactron, determined to bring him to justice for the heinous crimes he committed in “New Krypton”!

Meanwhile, Lois Lane and Inspector Mike Henderson investigate the appearance of a dead body in Metropolis Harbor. Whose body is it and what could it have to do with the new Woman of Steel? Find out as the big mystery of 2009 continues!”

Other DC Titles To Check Out This Week —

Black Lightning: Year One #6 (Of 6) This has been a really solid mini-series, highlighting the birth of a hero who’s really enjoying his current time as an A-List DCU superhero

Tiny Titans #14 Let’s face it, this series is just adorable

Vigilante #4 Last month, Vigilante interrogated Nightwing to try and find the elusive Jericho. This month, he’s after Cyborg! Its all leading in to April’s “Deathtrap” cross over with Titans and Teen Titans!


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asg30Amazing Spider-Girl #30

Why You Should Read It: The sole remaining survivor of the once popular MC2 line, Mayday “May” Parker is finally getting the axe. The final issue of this popular characters series sees the return of Norman Osborne, and Peter and Mary Jane in ultimate peril! Though the characters are supposedly going to appear in the quarterly “Amazing Spider-Man Family” series, its still sad to see such a great character come to an end.

Official Solicitation: “FINAL ISSUE! Is this the end of Spider-Girl? Can Peter and Mayday overcome Norman Osborn’s final revenge?! Will the Black Tarantula and Araña survive against the Goblin Lord and the brand new May? What does fate hold in store for little Ben and Mary Jane? When the smoke finally clears, will it still be Spider-Girl’s world? Be There For the End!”

asm588Amazing Spider-Man #588

Why You Should Read It: “Character Assassination” has been a fantastic story, wrapping up the previous years core arc of “Brand New Day”. The writing has been fantastic, and John Romita JR’s Spider-Man has always been a classic look, so the storyline is so far all thumbs up with me. With the identity of Menace revealed and a teaser involving Harry Osborn possibly reclaiming his role as Green Goblin, Amazing Spider-Man is looking to retain its role as Marvel’s flagship title!

Official Solicitation: “This is the big one! The results are in, the masks are off and Spider-Man might just go down forever! With the secret of Menace revealed and the identity of the Spider-Tracer killer brought to light, the world of Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, Lily Hollister, Carlie Cooper and Vin Gonzales will never be the same! Questions you’ve asked since Spider-Man first entered his Brand New Day will be answered. But who will be left standing to pick up the pieces…and how does it involve Norman Osborn? This one’s a can’t miss, so be there for the conclusion of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION! By Marc Guggenheim and John Romita, Jr.”

da3Dark Avengers #3

Why You Should Read It: Dark Reign, yada yada yada. You’ve heard it all by now, time and time again, I’m sure. Norman Osborn and his team of Thunderbolts have become The Avengers, perverting the classic images in a bid to capitalize on Norman’s current role as the greatest hero on Earth. But in the face of ultimate evil, will a team of villains rise up and save the world?

Official Solicitation: “The phenom that is the Dark Avengers continues. BATTLEGROUND LATVERIA as Morgana Le Fey attacks with all the power at her disposal. Meanwhile these new Avengers discover all the dirt and hidden secrets of their notorious pasts.”

dgodDeadpool: Game$ of Death (One-Shot)

Why You Should Read It: Deadpool is riding high on a fame roller coaster! With his own on-going, a Thunderbolts crossover, mini-series and an appearance in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, the Merc With A Mouth is definitely sitting pretty in the limelight. Despite the numerous issues with his appearance in XMO, expect the film to launch Deadpool in to a wave of popularity that will result in even more appearances.

Official Solicitation: “”Pain Factor” — the reality TV game show so controversial, it’s been banned around the world! Today, eleven desperate men will travel to a desert island to compete in a series of outlandish challenges that will leave one of them rich and the rest of them dead. Among the competitors, a certain “Merc with a Mouth,” who’s been hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a millionaire’s son. The trail ended here for Junior, but will it for Deadpool? Not if he has anything to say about it. After all, nothing brings out Wade’s competitive streak like cold, hard ca–I mean, justice.”

p3Punisher #3

Why You Should Read It: Just because the “War Zone” DVD comes out this week doesn’t mean you have to enjoy only bad Punisher stories. The relaunched “Punisher” has been enjoyable all around, as Frank Castle sets out to kill New Yorks criminals and villains with extreme prejudice.

Official Solicitation: “The only thing standing between the new king of crime and his dark reign of New York is a lone soldier doing what none of the capes will: taking out the bad guys permanently. Frank Castle has torn open an artery of the most feared crime family in the history of New York, and it will not go unanswered. A lesson must be taught — a bloody, public lesson. How can the Punisher possibly contend? With an arsenal of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe — and a smile.”

tb130Thunderbolts #130

Why You Should Read It: As mentioned before, Deadpool is riding high in the Marvel Universe. Now he’s crossing over with Thunderbolts, as he tries to reclaim the money he feels he’s owed by Norman Osborn, who stole the secret to defeating the Skrull Queen from him. Deadpool is storming Avengers Headquarters to get to Osborn, but what are the odds that Osborn doesn’t have a back up plan already?

Everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth has the Thunderbolts in his crosshairs – but don’t expect this murderer’s row of butt-kickers to lay down! The nastiest fight of ’09 has begun, and you’ve got the front row seat for all the ultra violence that Andy Diggle (DARK REIGN: HAWKEYE) and red-hot artist Bong Dazo can dish up!”

uxm100Ultimate X-Men #100

Why You Should Read It: The Ultimatum is here, and the X-Men are going down with it! With Professor Xavier and countless other mutants dead, the X-Men are facing the darkest challenge of their life. Its the final issue for the Ultimate incarnation of the X-Men, but can what’s left of the team band together to defeat Magneto?

Official Solicitation: “SERIES FINALE! Ultimatum tie-in!
Xavier’s School for Gifted Students was a sanctuary for young mutants…but in the wake of Ultimatum, it’s starting to look more like a graveyard. Don’t miss this groundbreaking series’ final issue as the scattered X-Men pull together to stand united in the face of extinction!”

u3Ultimatum #3

Why You Should Read It: Professor Xavier, The Wasp, and many more are dead, destroyed as Magneto unleashes his ultimate wrath against humanity. With morale broken and heroes falling left and right, how can Earth hope to survive? Its the world shaking finale of the Ultimate universe as you know it!

Official Solicitation: “The saga that will change the Ultimate Universe continues!
What is Magneto’s true plan? Can he be stopped before all the heroes die? And in the end, what fate is in store for The Fantastic Four? The Ultimates? Even Spider-Man? Shock follows shock from the Emmy-nominated, Eisner-award winning writer Jeph Loeb and superstar artist David Finch!”

Other Marvel Comics titles to check out this week

Moon Knight #28 I’d love to recommend this book, but I honestly have no clue what’s going on

Uncanny X-Men #507 There’s only so many times I can gush over the current state of the X-Men titles, but these are still books you definitely need to check out

Wolverine #71 “Old Man Logan” continues, as Logan and Hawkeye must face a Venom infected Tyrannosaurus Rex

Wolverine: Origins #34 Daken fights the X-Men for control of the Muramasa Blade, which has mystical properties that can kill Wolverine

X-Factor #41 I really can’t talk about this title without spoiling last month’s issue. Seriously, pick this book up

X-Force #13 A prelude to MESSIAH WAR! Do not miss this book

X-Men Legacy #222 Professor X and Gambit are haunted by the demons of Rogue’s past

Young X-Men #12 Final issue! Is there any hope to save Dust?

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