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Review: "Transporter 3"

In On Film on March 15, 2009 at 10:00 am

hr_transporter_3_posterStarring: Jason Statham, Natalya Rudakova, Robert Knepper

Director: Olivier Megaton

After a lackluster sequel, Jason Statham returns for a third round as Frank Martin, a retired military man who now operates as a transporter, delivering any cargo to any destination with no question asked…for a fee.  The first film is a bit of a cult favorite, with a dedicated following that hails it as one of the last great action franchises.  And really, could you disagree?  Regardless, 2005’s “Transporter 2” received a less than stellar reception, so we should all be glad we just got a third one, right? Read the rest of this entry »

Review: "The Life And Times of Savior 28" #1

In Comic Reviews on March 15, 2009 at 8:00 am

savior28-1p01“The Life And Times of Savior 28” #1

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis

Pencils/Inks: Mike Cavallaro

Colorist: Andrew Covalt

A few years ago, J.M. Dematteis had a brilliant idea.  At the end of his Captain America run, Cap was going to be assassinated.  Marvel didn’t think it was a good idea, so they shot it down.


Now Dematteis is getting a chance to explore the concept with The Life And Times of Savior 28.  The series starts off with the hero assassinated, and begins to explore his life and his effect on the world.  Its a fantastic series, exploring the world of superheroes from an entirely new perspective.  Honestly, have you ever considered Superman holding a press conference to tell humanity to shove off?  Or Spider-Man punching Green Goblin so hard he accidentally broke his neck?  These concepts are all explored here, and its an amazingly powerful tool to show just how different the world would be with superheroes.

This is a fantastic first issue of what looks to be a promising series.  The art suits the story perfectly, flowing from a perfect Golden Age look and creating a tarnished memory of the heroes we remember.    Be sure to pick this one up if you’re looking for an exciting, fresh look at the superheroes of yesteryear.

Final Grade: A

Review: "X-Men: Manifest Destiny – Nightcrawler"

In Comic Reviews on March 15, 2009 at 4:00 am

x-men-manifest-destiny-nightcrawler-01X-Men: Manifest Destiny – Nightcrawler (One-Shot)

Writer: James Asmus

Pencils: Jorge Molina with Ardian Syaf

Inkers: Victor Olazaba with Vicente Cifuentes

Colorist: John Rauch

The “Manifest Destiny” minis and one shots continue, this time focusing on Nightcrawler.  Feeling unneeded and slighted, Kurt Wagner accepts an invitation to return to the German town which tried to kill him all those years ago to attend a museum in his honor.  Unfortunatly, its a trap, and while he was legitamtely asked by his biggest fan, he’s really been invited to stop a rampaging monster.

Now, I’d really like to say this is a fantastic story, but to be frank, it has no need for existence.  It ends with Nightcrawler right back where he started, and is essentially a non-story.  It is some quick Nightcrawler fun, and its really cool to see Kurt in his classic costume, but the story itself is really nothing spectacular.  The most interesting character of the story, the monster that Kurt came to stop, gets an origin and a set up, but is dead by stories end.

The story attempted to be an exploration of who Nightcrawler is by pitting him against a man who is a monster like him, and by putting him back with the townspeople who tried to kill him once upon a time, but ultimatly its another case of nothing ventured and nothing gained.  If you’re a big Nightcrawler fan, make sure you pick this up; otherwise, just pick up the current “X-Infernus” mini or the Uncanny X-Men ongoing and pray for a cameo.

Final Grade: C

Review: "Batman: Battle For The Cowl" #1 (Of 3)

In Comic Reviews on March 15, 2009 at 12:58 am

Batman: Battle For The Cowl #1Batman: Battle For The Cowl #1 (Of 3)

Writer: Tony Daniel

Pencils: Tony Daniel

Inks: Sandu Florea

Colorist: Ian Hannin

With “Final Crisis” now far behind us, the new question is not “What the hell is this!?” but rather, “Who is the new Batman?”.  Tony Daniel has stepped in to examine this, and the result is “Battle For The Cowl”.

The title starts off decent enough, and the first issue is obviously meant to create a series of plot lines, but it does feel like a lot for a three issue mini.  The obvious friction is lies between Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, who have conflicing ideals about the future of the Batman persona.  While Tim believes Batman is a neccessity to save Gotham, Dick believes that there should not, nay could not, be another Batman.  Meanwhile, Batman villain Black Mask is alive again (inexplicably), and there’s another nutjob prowling Gotham, claiming to be Batman.

Daniel’s does a passable job, but the writing seems a bit clustered and confusing.  He also seems to be having some difficulty with the characters: Damien Wayne, shown over the past 2 years to be trained by the League of Assassins and formidable in his own right, is reduced to a whining brat in this issue.  There’s also the last page, which the title seems to push to just so you can spend a month guessing the identity of the new Batman.

There are some beautifully rendered scenes, including Tim prowling Gotham in a late 70s/early 80s styled Bat-suit.  There’s also guest appearance galore, with pretty much anyone who’s every active Gotham vigilante showing up in some way shape or form.

In short, the mini is hard to judge at this point, but it does seem to be shaping up to be pretty good.  Daniel’s art is clearly where he’ll shine, but at this point it stands to see if the story will stand up to par with it.  This is still going to be the DC title to watch over the next few months, and shows a lot of promise.  Its not a bad issue, its just evidently meant as a springboard for the series of larger events coming down the road.

Final Grade: B