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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Who Should Get In?

In Music on March 13, 2009 at 12:06 am

As some of you may be well aware, on April 4th the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is welcoming a brand new batch of members into its halls (my favorite band, Metallica, being one of them). Each year you also hear the pissing and moaning from those who say this or that band should/shouldn’t have gotten in. Well, this is my form of that. In this article, I will discuss who (I feel) SHOULD be in the Hall of Fame. Also included are bands I think will eventually get in. Also keep in mind that this list is bias. This is all just my own personal opinion. You won’t see any rappers/rap groups in my list. Sorry. Without further delay, here we go.

– The Stooges –

This band has been nominated about 7 times now, still nothing. If you follow me on Twitter (DerktheDerk is my screen name if you don’t), you’d know that I’ve bitched about The Stooges getting the snub while groups like Run DMC get in. It just doesn’t make since. The Stooges are to punk/alternative rock what Black Sabbath is to heavy metal, and you mean to tell me that they should be snubbed year after year? Even Madonna can recognize that these guys should be in. Hopefully next year will be their year, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Regardless, these guys are still amazing and highly influential. If you haven’t heard Raw Power or Funhouse, stop reading this right now and go pick both up.

– Nirvana –

I think it goes without saying these guys are going in. Whether you like them or not, they changed the face of music. If for nothing else, they should at least go in for killing off hair metal. Again, I highly doubt these guys have any trouble getting in. I look for them to get in, like Metallica, on their first nomination.

– Alice in Chains –

In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated rock bands out there. When you listen to albums like Dirt or Jar of Flies, it leaves you wondering why these guys are just an afterthought in the scene that was headlined by Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Layne Staley had such an original and powerful voice that was highly influential. Jerry Cantrell is also a very underrated guitar player. I’ve heard others refer to him as the “Jimi Hendrix of the Grunge period”. I would call this a fair statement. If you don’t think Alice in Chains is influential, just like to bands of today like Godsmack rip them off. Layne Staley’s style of singing is sadly ripped off constantly in rock today.

– Pearl Jam –

Yes, I know, another 90’s band. I grew up around this period, so cut me a little slack. I think this band, like Nirvana, is a shoe in for an induction as soon as they’re nominated. They’re one of the very few bands from the grunge era who are still together. What’s also great is that they’ve kept putting out great albums throughout the years. Like I said, this band should also go in without much trouble.

– Soundgarden –

Ok, last one of the “grunge guys”, I swear. I have my doubts as to whether or not these guys will ever get in, but it’s my opinion that they should. Like Alice in Chains, I think these guys are highly underrated. Chris Cornell rivals Layne Staley with the power and sound of his voice. Each album contained great guitar playing, great singing, and just great songwriting in general. Again, I doubt I live to see these guys make it, but here’s hoping.

– Guns and Roses –

Love them or hate them, Guns and Roses were extremely huge at one certain point in time. Sure Chinese Democracy didn’t turn out the way many had hoped, but there is still no denying the damn near perfect Appetite for Destruction. This is another band I think will get the nod. I hope I live to see them inducted, I’m looking forward to seeing whether or not the original line up can get along long enough to accept.

– Waylon Jennings –

Now I know this is where many of you may roll your eyes. If a rap group can get in, a country singer that could actually play an instrument/write his own music damn well deserves it. Waylon Jennings was one of the original outlaws of country music (you know, back when the genre wasn’t consumed by shitty “pop-country” slugs?). Everyone from James Hetfield to Kid Rock was influenced by this guy. He deserves it.

– Hank Williams –

In my opinion, the greatest country singer to ever write a song. The man could write songs that would make you want to sit down and cry your eyes out. His voice was extremely haunting and you could actually tell he felt what he was singing. I think it’s safe to say he’s not going in any time soon, but he certainly should.

-Green Day-

I know, most are way too “cool” for these guys now. Admit it guys, you know you were rocking out to Brainstew back in the day. And you also know that you were the guys going in to school and bragging to your buddies about how you could play it on your guitar. These guys helped to write the book on the whole “pop-punk” thing. I think when most of us sit down and get honest, it’s hard to deny the impact these guys had.

– Black Flag –

Another band I doubt will ever get in, but I definitely think should. With the insane guitar playing of Greg Ginn leading the way, this band played without mercy. I can speak for myself and say that Damaged honestly changed the way I felt about music. Black Flag were unique in the fact that they expanded their sound from just standard “punk” to punk with a classic rock/blues influence thrown in. Definitely one of my favorite bands, so of course I think they should be included.

In closing, this is a “lightning round” of bands I think should be put in. Most won’t, but damn it, I think they should be.

– Bad Brains
– Willie Nelson
– Stevie Ray Vaughan
– Pantera
– Nine Inch Nails
– Marilyn Manson
– Radiohead

Hope you guys enjoyed this little ramble. I realize most of these bands aren’t eligible yet, but I hope they’ll eventually get in when they become eligible. Thanks for reading!

  1. You know, I’m actually surprised that Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan aren’t already in the Hall of Fame.

  2. Yeah, I’m with Manic on that. Vaughan not being in especially surprises me, considering his sudden death and continued word of mouth about his performances years later.

    And ARE there rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I honestly don’t know….and I honestly hope not. It is the “Rock and Roll” Hall of Fame, after all.

  3. Yeah, there are rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were inducted and Run DMC are getting in this year.

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