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Comics Reviews: "New Avengers" #50, "Mighty Avengers" #22, "Justice Society of America" #24, "Superman" #685

In Comic Reviews on March 2, 2009 at 1:11 am

It was a pretty big week for comics, as teams reassembled and old friends returned.  Marvel seems to be succeeding in flooding the Market with Avengers of all sizes and shapes, as every Avengers team made an appearance this week in one way or another.  All in all, it was mostly hit or miss, but the good definitely outweighed the bad.  So, grab a cup of coffee, and invite some friends over, and lets take a look at what happened this week in comics…

na50New Avengers #50

Its been a pretty dark time for our team of New Avengers, and this issue seems to highlight that proper.  The team prepares to fight the Dark Avengers, using Spider-Woman as bait, but instead find themselves ambushed and severly outnumbered.  With double the pages and a mid issue combat sequence featuring a bevy of today’s top artists, an effect which comes off nicely, although it is a bit jarring to see the different visual styles clash.  Its worth it, though, to see the series regular take on the art chores.  He’s clearly growing more comfortable with the characters, and his rendering of a splash page battle between the team and this issues surprise guest star foe is simply beautiful.  New Avengers #50 kicks off a new era in the lives of the team, and ends with a surprise that promises to keep the hits coming for another 50 issues.  Don’t forget to pick up this, and the previous two issues, to check out the new future of this incredible team of heroes and heroines, as they prepare for the greatest battle of their lives.

Final Grade: A

ma22The Mighty Avengers #22

On the flip side of the Avengers coin, we have The Mighty Avengers.  The new team isn’t really a team yet, so they spend a lot of this issue farting about and not doing a whole lot of anythin.  Iron Man fights The Hulk, and Hercules and Amadeus Cho (both stars of one of Marvel’s other better titles, “The Incredible Hercules”) both don’t really have anything interesting to do, while US Agent seems to believe he should be leading the team of suddenly assembled Avengers.  Its a slow start, and while the team does show a lot of promise, the presence of what appears to be a Devil possessed Quicksilver has, quite frankly, left me confused and skeptical.  Its still too early to tell, and Dan Slott did do a spectacularly amazing job with Spider-Man (see what I did there?), so I maintain hope, but right now, Mighty Avengers is falling mighty flat on its face.

Final Grade: C

jsa24Justice Society of America #24

The Justice Society continues to venture futher in to the Rock of Eternity, where Black Adam and Isis have taken over and seek to control it.  All in all, this title has just degraded into a clusterf&#*.  Mary Marvel shows up, still evil after having been supposedly absolved of this literally three times now (the end of Countdown to Final Crisis and the end of, duh, Final Crisis), while Jay Garrick/Flash is pulled in to the Mists of Time where the father of Billy Batson is going to help him get to…the Rock of Finality?  Meanwhile, Atom Smasher returns to face off with Black Adam, recreating ad nauseum what is essentially the middle part of JSA Vol. 3’s run.  There’s still hope that the return of Isis will mark a revival of one of 52’s more interesting storylines, but right now, Justice Society of America needs a serious injection of the fun and adventure that made it so interesting when this volume first launched.

Final Grade: B

superman685Superman #685

In the wake of New Krypton, the Man of Steel and his related characters seem to be achieving a level of intrigue and wonder on par with what the X-Men have experienced post “Messiah CompleX”.  In this issue, Mon-El gets all better thanks to a mystery vial from the future, and Superman makes an important decision that is going to radically change the Superman titles for the next year or so.  Its an interesting change, as Superman leaves his own titles and we get to instead focus on Mon-El and the new Guardian, and should prove for some interesting stories, as Superman heads over to headline the “World of New Krypton” mini-series.  Pick this one up if you get the chance; the Superman books are heading for greatness, fast.

Final Grade: B

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