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The Pull List! Week of Feb 25, 2008

In The Pull List! on February 25, 2009 at 3:18 am

Well, look like it’s time for the Pull List again.  This week, we’re seeing “Blue Beetle” come to an end.  Heartbreaking, but the character will live on in “Teen Titans”.  Meanwhile, on the Marvel front of things, it looks like they’re doing a good job of overloading you with Avengers related titles.  Oh well, at least they’re all good!

Here you go, this week’s Pull List…what you need to read in comics for the week of February 25, 2008.



Why You Should Read It: Blue Beetle has fallen victim to DC’s latest line cuts. Its sad to see this great title come to an end; fortunately, Jaime will continue his adventures as the latest Blue Beetle over in “Teen Titans”.

In This Issue: The final issue! Its the Blue Beetle all alone versus a space army…and someone’s rumored not to make it to the last page!


Why You Should Read It: The “One Nation Under God” mess of a storyline aside, this has been a consistently strong title. The oversized roster is a bit of a bother, yes, but the current story arc is already slated to renew interest in this classic title of the Old Guard bringing up the new.

In This Issue: “Black Adam and Isis”! As the de-powered Billy Batson leads his former teammates to the Rock of Eternity, all hell is set to break loose. But when Mary Marvel arrives on the scene, whose side will she choose?


Why You Should Read It: Because I accidentally mentioned this issue in last week’s Pull List. My bad.

In This Issue: Hal Jordan, possessed by the ring of the Red Lantern! How will he overcome the power of the Red Light?


Why You Should Read It: The entire Superman universe is on its ear, following the events of “New Krypton”. Superman is set to go off-world for a few months next, but Nightwing and Flamebird will occupy the Superman title.

In This Issue: With his foster father dead and an entire nation of Kryptonians against him, Superman must make a decision that changes everything for years to come.


Why You Should Read It: The latest Titans roster shake-up has certainly caught us all off guard, but if you’ve been keeping an eye on Legion of 3 Worlds, you know there’s someone else possibly coming soon…

In This Issue: Red Devil has lost his powers, but does that still bind him to Nero? Kid Eternity is set to help find out, by taking Red Devil in to Hell!



Why You Should Read It: The Initiative has been a solid read all throughout, and in the fallout of Secret Invasion, everything is changing. Don’t miss these climatic final issues!

In This Issue: The original New Warriors return as Ragnarok, the clone of Thor, lays waste to Camp Hammond. But will they stop Ragnarok…or aid him?


Why You Should Read It: Because Ed Brubaker is a friggin’ genius. Derk hates this comic, but Bucky!Cap has been a fun and exciting ride.

In This Issue: As his past as The Winter Soldier comes to light, Bucky faces his greatest foe yet.


Why You Should Read It: Dan Slott jumps from his hot run on “Amazing Spider-Man” to revamp The Avengers, and so far so good. With a classic line-up and at least 3 founding Avengers on hand, this looks to be the one true Avengers book to read this year.

In This Issue: The Avengers are assembled by the Scarlet Witch to stop a face from the past…one who used to be an Avenger!


Why You Should Read It: Because its just good darn fun. The team of rogue heroes continue to operate underground, seeking to continue as heroes in a world where they’re wanted for choosing to remain masked.

In This Issue: The “Dark Reign” is here, and the New Avengers aren’t very happy. Who are the Dark Avengers, and what will they do to stop them?

NOVA #22

Why You Should Read It: With high flying space action, unique plot twists and gorgeous art, “Nova” has remained a consistently powerful read and one of the better books put out by Marvel in years.

In This Issue: Richard Ryder, Nova no more! With the Nova force removed from him by Worldmind, the Nova Corps have been reformed and run rampant over the Universe, branding any who stand against them criminal! And who better to stop them then…Richard Ryder!?


Why You Should Read It: The Thunderbolts have been reborn. Who are the new Thunderbolts? Pick up this new chapter in this long storied title to find out!

In This Issue: The Green Goblin vs The President!? Why? What is Norman Osborne’s plan, and who are the new Thunderbolts?


Why You Should Read It: The Ultimatum is coming, and this title is preparing to close its final chapter. Follow to the final fates and eventual relaunch of the Ultimate lines flagship title!

In This Issue: Ultimatum! Just when you think a flooded New York couldn’t get worse, Spider-Man must face The Hulk!


Why You Should Read It: In the wake of Messiah CompleX, the X-Men have been reinvigorated. As the species dwindles, Cyclops has made a radical choice, forming a strike team of the X-Men’s best hunters and killers. With stunning art and classic X-characters, X-Force has been one of the best X-Books to come out of the Messiah Complex.

In This Issue: As the X-Force encounters the ever worsening world post M-Day, events begin that will put the Mutant race firmly back in the crosshairs of humanity.

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