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Review: Street Fighter IV

In Game Reviews on February 23, 2009 at 10:15 pm


After years of waiting (the last “numbered” Street Fighter game was in 1999), Street Fighter blazes back to our consoles. Featuring a cast full of familiar faces (and four brand new faces), Street Fighter fans will feel right at home with this new addition.

The graphics are pretty slick, I must say. The animations were spot on and the characters featured a great deal of detail. The calligraphic-style brush strokes and splashes of ink were a nice touch to the animations and game itself. It adds a very artsy to feel to the graphics, so you get a bit of culture with your violence.

I had a bit of a problem with the controls. In my opinion, the controls felt really stiff. They definitely take some getting used to. I honestly can’t imagine just how frustrating the controls would be with the X-Box 360. They’re certainly not the worst controls, but I think they could have been a lot better.

The story, like in many fighters, depends on who you choose to complete the game with. With each fighter, you’re treated to an animated beginning and end, which is pretty nicely done. I do wish the scenes would have been a bit longer, but that’s a pretty trivial complaint. A not so trivial complaint (to me at least) is the issue I have with omitting the “bust-a-car” style mini games that were so much fun in previous games. It’s not something that drags the game down by not including it, but I think the game would have been greatly improved with the addition of the mini games.

Now with all of that out of the way, I want to talk about one thing in the game that is absolutely, positively terrible. One thing that will make you want to eat your controller, bash your brains out on the wall, and curse everything and everyone. Something that is a pretty hot topic on various message boards around the Internet. Of course, that “thing” I’m talking about is the final boss, Seth. Jesus…I’ve never, EVER faced a more difficult final boss in a fighting game.

Oh, and don’t think switching up the difficulty will help you; it won’t. After having my ass handed to me on multiple occasions, I lowered the difficulty to very easy. Once again, I was greeted with much ass kickings. So I lower the difficulty once again to the lowest setting in the game, easiest. Still had my ass handed to me over and over. Sure you could say, “well you probably just suck”. See, I thought that too, but after reading around, I am NOT the only one with this complaint.

Seth is also cheap. Very cheap. You get remotely near him, you can damn well guarantee he’ll grab you and pummel you unmercifully. Constantly. And just to piss you off even more, the designers thought it would be a great idea to give Seth the ability to teleport. So just when you  think you’re a safe distance away from him, he’ll just teleport directly behind you, grab you, and proceed to destroy you. The difficulty is insane, a little too insane. I am all for the proposal of a patch designed to gimp Seth down a bit.

I spend so much time on the annoyance that is Seth because it’s something that destroys the fun factor of the arcade mode. I honestly believe it sucks every ounce of fun right of of an otherwise flawless experience. It also makes unlocking the locked characters EXTREMELY tedious. But even with this, the game is still pretty addicting and fun. Even if you’re like me and find yourself loathing arcade mode, you can still have a lot of fun with the challenge mode, 2 player mode, or online mode. If you’re a die-hard Street Fighter fan, you’ll love it. But even if you’re not, it’s my belief that you’ll still find a lot of enjoyment in this game.

Final Grade: B+

  1. Seth WILL Destroy your life. True Story.

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