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5 Days of 13: Day Five…The Conclusion

In On Film on February 13, 2009 at 5:09 pm


Well here we are…the last day of this week long countdown celebrating Friday the 13th in all it’s bloody glory. I’m off to see the remake in about 1 hour, so lets go ahead and get this going. Here is the countdown (remember, it’s from worst to best) thus far.

10. Friday the 13th: Part II
9. Friday the 13th: Part V – A New Beginning
8. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
7. Jason X
6. Friday the 13th: Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan
5. Friday the 13th: Part VII – The New Blood
4. Friday the 13th
3. Friday the 13th: Part III

And now the conclusion….

2. Friday the 13th: Part VI – Jason Lives

After the disaster that was Part V, it’s no wonder that Part VI seems so good.  In this installment we see Tommy Jarvis return yet again, this time venturing to Jason’s grave with the hopes of making sure the killer is dead. Along with him is his friend (Horshach!) who is rightfully uneasy about this whole situation. Eventually, Tommy impales the corpse of Jason with an iron rod, and wouldn’t you know it, lightning strikes the iron rod. With this, Jason is revived Frankenstein style. Carnage ensues.  I loved how this film refused to take itself too seriously. With this added humor, a new dimension is opened and it makes the film so much more enjoyable. The kills in this particular installment are also much more creative. Not only that, in this movie, Jason goes ape shit. Seriously, the man kills everything in his path…more so than usual. Of course, the movie is hardly perfect. The only real complaints I have with the film is the acting. I thought Thom Matthews (who played Tommy Jarvis) did a horrible job. I also love how Tommy is supposed to be 15 in the film, but is OBVIOUSLY MUCH older than that. I thought the “car chase” scene was extremely lame. I certainly wouldn’t have missed it if they left it on the cutting room floor. A lot of people have a problem with the way Jason was resurrected. Sure it was a bit silly and implausible, but come on, the movie isn’t supposed to be THAT realistic, is it? Once you realize that Part VI doesn’t take itself as seriously as the Friday’s before it, you’ll see that this is definitely close to being the best in the series.

And now… best Friday film is……*drumroll*…………

1. Friday the 13th: Part IV – The Final Chapter

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that this film is the absolute best in the series. From beginning to end,  I feel that this installment is by far the best movie in the franchise.  You want more reasons to love this film? Well, for one, Crispin Glover is in it. That fact alone should be enough to have you scrambling to get a copy of this film to hold and cherish forever. But yeah, the kills, the characters, and the brilliant way Jason is “killed” are all damn near perfect. My hope is the folks behind the remake use this brilliant installment as a blueprint for the new film. Many may disagree, but when it comes to Friday films, I find this one to be just about perfect. Seriously though, Crispin Glover. Corey Feldman. Need I go on? I doubt it.

So there you have it, the end of the line for the 5 days of 13 countdown. I have really enjoyed going back and revisiting the series that helped to arouse my interest in horror films so long ago. Say what you will about the franchise, it’s hard not to slightly have a good time going back and watching any of the films from the series. Later tonight, I will post my review for the remake of the new Friday. Honestly, I am not expecting much. I am one of the snobs who despise remakes, but I am willing to go into this with an open mind and try to enjoy it. Thanks for reading these articles, and be sure to come back tonight for my review of Friday the 13th 2009.


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