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5 Days of 13: Day Four

In On Film on February 13, 2009 at 12:22 am


A little late getting this article up today, but better late than never I suppose. So here we are, the eve of Jason’s rebirth! From the early reviews I’ve read, it’s not looking good for the Crystal Lake slasher, but hopefully it will be better than it seems thus far. Well, lets get rolling on today’s continuation of the countdown of my “best to worst” Friday films. Here is the list so far….

10. Friday the 13th: Part II
9. Friday the 13th: Part V – A New Beginning
8. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
7. Jason X
6. Friday the 13th: Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan
5. Friday the 13th: Part VII – The New Blood

Now, I present to you today’s additions…

4. Friday the 13th

The one that started it all. Inspired by the success of Halloween, the film was made on a budget of just over $500,000. Despite by being bashed by all of the critics, Friday the 13th went on to make nearly $40 million at the box office, and thus, a franchise was born. After going back and watching this movie now, I find myself not liking it as much as I once did. I relate this to getting used to the notion of Jason being the killer (I am sure everyone knows that Jason’s mother is the killer in the film). The movie is still a classic in the horror genre (and shouldn’t be “remade”, but that’s an editorial in the making…). It’s honestly hard for me to say anything negative about the movie. Sure, it’s not perfect by any means, but I consider it to be in the holy tri-force of slashers, so I can’t be sacreligious or anything, can I? Arrow through the neck is enough to make this film great…

3. Friday the 13th: Part III

This movie, like the previous entry, is also a landmark film in the series. While Friday the 13th may have been the first in the series, this film was the first to feature Jason with his iconic hockey mask. This movie was also famous for being in 3D, and let me tell you, watching the 3D effects in 2D is nothing short of amazing. The “3D snake” is mind blowing. You know what? This movie should have probably been #1 on my list DUE to that damn snake. When you see it, your mind will be blown, trust me.

Well, the article is a bit half-assed tonight, and I apologize for that. I have a busy day coming up tomorrow, so I guess it would be smart to get some sleep and such. Come back tomorrow for the conclusion to this 5 day Vorhees binge. Also (possibly) being posted tomorrow will be my review for the remake. See you then.

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