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5 Days of 13: Day Three

In On Film on February 11, 2009 at 6:49 pm


Continuing on the ride to Hell, it’s time for day 3 of this 5 day countdown. In case you started out with this article (which makes no sense at all), I’ll go over exactly what this is once more. This is basically my ranking of the films in the series from worst to best. Included is a brief “mini-review” of each of the films mentioned. All of this, of course, is a “celebration” of sorts that will lead up to the review of the reboot coming on Friday. Here is the list thus far…

10. Friday the 13th: Part II
9. Friday the 13th: Part V – A New Beginning
8. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
7. Jason X

Now for the next two on the list…

6. Friday the 13th: Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan

After being ressurected (yet again) by a strike of lightning, Jason springs back to life to murder stupid teenagers. This particular group of moronic teenagers are setting sail on a boat that’s heading to New York. As luck would have it, Jason decides to hop aboard and murder the crew/passengers one by one. Now, if you know anything about this series, you’ll know this entry gets a lot of heat for being a bit misleading. Entertainment Weekly felt so betrayed by the title that they gave the film the honor of being the 8th worst sequel of all time. I’ve tried to keep these mini-reviews spoiler free thus far, but I don’t think I am spoiling anything when I tell you that Jason does not take Manhattan. He doesn’t even really stay for any significant amount of time. If I remember correctly, he’s in New York for about 20-30 minutes of the film, while spending the rest of the time on the boat. This, of course, sucks. Besides the obvious flaw of bullshitting the audience, I really didn’t think the film was THAT bad. Sure, it’s not winning any Oscars, but I found it to be fun. There are a couple of kills in the film that were brilliant. I know I’ve used this description way too much before (see Jason X review), but this movie is a lot of fun to watch. Like Jason X, getting a group of friends together to watch the film is a blast. If you go into the film knowing that you’re being lied to, it’s not as bad. However, I can see why the fans were pissed when the film was initially released. I personally would love to see a sequel where they get him into New York/other random city the right way.

5. Friday the 13th: Part VII – The New Blood

So here we are, finally entering my top 5 Friday films. Sitting at number 5 is Part VII, which of course, was the debut of Kane Hodder. Now a lot of Friday fans will tell you that Hodder is the best Jason….I wholeheartedly agree. Since I won’t be reviewing Freddy v.s. Jason, let me just say that I think it’s an absolute shame that he didn’t play Jason in that film. Now that the fanboy rant is out of the way, onto the review of New Blood.  This is the entry to the series that I really feel for. In case you didn’t know, this movie was absolutely raped by the MPAA. A good bit of footage was omitted to avoid a  X rating (however, if you buy the box set, you can see the omitted material on a bonus disc). The only thing that stopped this film from being in my top 2 or 3 was the absolutely ridiculous psychic gimmick the film had. This film centers around Tina, a psychic girl who is dealing with the fact that she feels responsible for her father’s death. As usual, one thing leads to another and Tina finds herself on Crystal Lake. Why oh why did they feel the need to include a psychic character? I don’t understand this. To me, it’s almost as stupid as shooting him into space. I don’t feel like the psychic element worked in Halloween 5, and I certainly don’t think it worked here. But honestly, that’s my only gripe about the film. I really think the director (John Carl Buechler) tried very hard to make an outstanding Friday film. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he failed, I just think the psychic element brings the film down to such a ridiculous level that it overshadows a lot of the excellent points of the film. In my opinion, remove the gimmick, and you have (possibly) the best film in the series. Quick fact: this film was set to be the meeting of Freddy and Jason. However, due to New Line and Paramount squabbling, it was not to be until 2003.

So that’s it for today. Tomorrow we inch ever so closer to Jason’s next big film. Also, I’d like to point out something…I noticed today on they had a “10 Days of 13” column going. Now I certainly don’t think they copied my series of articles. Hell, I highly doubt any member of their staff knows this site exists. I just wanted to say I just noticed this today and did not rip them off or whatever. I see no point in changing the name of the article now when it’s pretty close to being complete. Like I said, just wanted to clear the air on that. See you tomorrow.

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