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5 Days of 13: Day Two

In On Film on February 10, 2009 at 3:14 pm


So here we are on day two of this five day walk down murder memory lane. Just a few days left until Jason is reborn once again to unleash his brand of horror on the masses. I’m gonna pick right up from yesterday and deliver my next two Friday films on my list of “worst to best”.

8. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday – Every time I look at the title of this film, I just laugh. This is the movie equivalent of “crying wolf”. Remember way back in Part IV when that movie was called “The Final Chapter”? Hmmm. Now, getting to the actual mini-review of the film, I think it’s fair to say this movie was pretty bad. Was it as bad as Part II or Part V? No, but it was still bad. The movie starts with Jason being trapped/blown up by the FBI. Well, to make a long story short, Jason’s charred remains are sent to the morgue (you think they would have learned to stop doing this by now). Next thing you know, the coroner is hypnotized by the black beating heart of our friend Jason. So what does he do? He eats it. Thus begins the “body possessing” plot of  Final Friday. Jason’s spirit goes from body to body until he finally succumbs to the hounds of Hell and is supposedly gone for good…until Jason X. The downfall of the film is obvious, I would think. The body possessing crap is really lame. It doesn’t breathe any fresh air into the series, no, it sucks the air completely out. Maybe I’m wrong (I was only 8 when the film was originally released), but I highly doubt movie goers paid to see Jason’s spirit go from body to body. If you take this really stupid aspect out of the film, I really think this would have been a great installment in the series. The fact that the Necronomicon was in the movie is a huge plus (for me at least).  And, of course, you can’t talk about this movie without mentioning the ending. I remember hearing about it and immidiately rejecting it, it seemed way too cool to be true. Well, it was true, to my surprise. Even to this day, this scene is still talked about, and is basically the only scene from the film that most people remember. Final Friday, as I previously mentioned, certainly isn’t the worst film in the series, but hardly the best.

7. Jason X – First of all, it amazes me that the guys who made this movie thought, “hey, where can we take Jason next? I know! Why don’t we shoot his ass into space! I mean, it worked so well for the Leprechaun!” I don’t understand how this ever seemed like a good idea. I can’t fathom any possible way you could make this movie without it being completely stupid. Obviously the public felt the same way, due to the fact that this was the lowest grossing film in the series. The plot is amazing. Jason is cryogenically frozen in the “futuristic” world of 2010. The government, in all its infinite wisdom, decides they want to study and profit from Jason’s rapid cellular regineration. Of course, as expected, Jason escapes while being transferred, kills a few people, and is once again frozen. This time, when woken up, he finds himself in the year 2455… space! This whole movie just feels like a bad (as if any are good) Sci-Fi channel movie. It’s incredibly stupid, most of the special effects are sub-par, and cyborg Jason/cyborg Kay-Em 14 are INSANELY dumb. But you know what? The movie is fun. I know that sounds contradictory after bashing the movie throughout the entirety of the paragraph, but I honestly have a blast watching this. This movie definitely falls into the category of “so bad it’s good”. Getting together with a group of friends and roasting this movie in a MST3K manner is a simple pleasure of life. Also, if you are really drunk, I reccomend watching this if possible.

So that does it for day 2. Come back tomorrow to check out the next two Friday’s on my list. Remember, this all culminates Friday when I reveal my choice for best Friday and review the reboot of the series. Wow, that’s a lot of Fridays. Stay tuned…


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