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First Impressions: "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII"

In First Impressions on February 8, 2009 at 9:22 pm


— Turn on the PSP and check the battery life.  Crap, this sucker hasn’t been turned on in over a year, has it?

— Insert the UMD and realize I fortunatly don’t have to update.  Thank God, something good came out of playing “GoW Chains of Olympus”!

— The opening cinematic is…wait, its over already?  Beautiful, brief, thank God!  Square Enix finally learned that all FMVs don’t have to be 30 minutes!

— We’re approaching a trainstation now.  I wonder if this is supposed to remind me of anything?

— Oh, good.  Zach is playful.  I was worried he’d be an emo douche like some other star of a certain popular game this is a prequel to.

— Screen wipes over, and turns all black revealing…my reflection.  I giggle a bit, and realize I’ve been awake for far too long.

— Zach leaps off the train.  WE GET IT.  THIS IS A FINAL FANTASY 7 GAME.  Christ.

— Combat seems a bit weird at first.  Its got essentially the same problem as most Action RPGs in that the combat can be boiled down to point and press a button.

— The spinning jackpot thing in the corner keeps giving me power ups, which is cool.  Not explaining it up to this point in the game, not so much.

— Well, there’s my first battle.  “Conflict Resolved”?  I have to chuckle at that.  That feels like a very Bush Administration Era thing to say after killing a group of soldiers.

— Does it bug anyone else that the futuristic communicators of FF7 look like circa 1999 flip cell phones?

— OH NOEZ A BEHMOTH.  They still look pretty much the same as they do in every FF game, what gives?

— Battles done, and there he is.  The most overrated villain in any video game, Sephiroth.  *sigh*

— Done with the training mission.  You do a lot that doesn’t get explained, which is…weird.  Hrm.  I’ll post a full review when I’m done with the game, but that covers the first 10 minutes or so!

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