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Nick Fury Returns, Overcompensates

In Site News on June 5, 2008 at 1:20 am

Well, Nick Fury returned at the end of Secret Invasion #3, and he had a gun that makes Rob Liefeld fucking weep. Seriously, that thing has two triggers.

The week in comics (so far) after the jump. Spoilers ahead.

Secret Invasion #3: Jessica Drew tries to mindfuck Tony Stark into thinking he’s a Skrull, which is ineffective against us, but probably working really good about Stark. The book still feels really slow until you go back and start to pick it apart, but its still running a lot smoother than Civil War. Oh, and I’d totally shit myself if Jarvis showed up asking for my complete and total surrender, also.

Trinity #1: Blah? Blah, blah, blah. I could care less about Flash and his kids showing up in this issue, which is hard to do, because I’m a huge Flash fan. And the first few pages feature arguably the most annoying Bruce Wayne ever. If Grant Morrison has to kill any Batman, here’s hoping its that one. Plotwise, it would seem the “Trinity” is having dreams of some sort. Also, Morgan le Fay and random, unnamed tech villain fight and then team up, for reasons that are so confusing I’d wager they don’t even know what it is. Pass.

Supergirl #30: Last issue, Supergirl was about to save the boy dieing of cancer with Resurrection Man, who had a powerful healing ability, but Superman showed up and announced in the last panel, quite abruptly, that the boy was dead. This issue, none of that is even discussed. Like the book forgot its own arc. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but that’s kind of bothersome.

Cable #4: The last X-Man alive is Cannonball, and he looks like an old, hippie Cable. Ugh. Oh, and Bishop is still all kinds of wrong.

Amazing Spider-Man #561: WIN! ASM is EPIC WIN! The “Peter Parker: Paparazzi” ends perfectly with all its self-respect intact, and Pete finally doing the right thing in quitting the New DB. Oh, and MJ totally knows.

Ultimate Origins #1: Nick Fury is a super soldier serum test subject, and all mutants are derived from Wolverine? Interesting, if not a little bit overwhelming. I’ll stick around a bit longer, though.

Nova #14: The Surfer is Galactus’ herald once more. Not sure how I feel about that, but it works well for this story. Can’t wait to see how Nova gets out of this one.

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