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Teaser Poster Available for "Punisher: War Zone"

In Comics, On Film on May 17, 2008 at 7:53 am has the teaser poster for the sequel “Punisher: War Zone”. You can view the teaser here.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this sequel. Its promising, of course, but I fear its going to be tainted by the image of the first one, both positively and negatively. Aside from myself and three or four others, 2004’s “Punisher” flick didn’t do so hot. A lot of people disliked Tom Jane in the lead role (I disagree. I personally thought he nailed the film’s iteration of the character.). Jane’s no longer in the sequel, having pulled out months ago because he didn’t feel the script was up to snuff with the standards fans would have for the character, a move that should have singlehandedly earned him the love and admiration of a dozen Punisher fans. Seriously, Jane gets it.

His replacement, Ray Stevenson, looks eerily like Jane, but regardless, the unfortunate stigmata hangs over the sequel. The Lexi Alexander directed sequel is slated for a December 5, 2008 release, and also stars Julie Benz (John Rambo, TV’s Dexter) and Dominic West (Hannibal Rising, TV’s The Wire) as classic Punisher villain Jigsaw.

  1. Getting you fanboys thinking Jane was one of you was a really smart career move on his part. Too bad it wasn’t true. But the myth dies hard.

    Jane wanted to make the Punisher into a Travis Bickle character. Presumably Jane had pretensions to the De Niro throne. It wasn’t gonna happen. Frank Castle is NOT Travis Bickle. Jane didn’t get that though.

    So when he threw a hissy fit, Lion’s Gate let him go and REPLACED HIM IN A NEW YORK MINUTE.

    The old script went with him and after two dismal failures, you’re finally going to get The Punisher you always wanted. Straight from MAX.

    Ray Stevenson looks eerily like Jane? Erm…NO! Ray Stevenson looks eerily like Frank Castle, which Jane never did!

    I can’t wait!

  2. Wonderful information about Jane, Nomad. Care to list a source?

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