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Lots Of Stuff To Do, Plus What You Need To Be Reading In Comics

In Comics on May 16, 2008 at 6:27 am

Man, That\'s A Lot Of Pages

Man, I am a brave son of a bitch. I printed out my first series of Paladin stories (which you can read here at The Paladin Online), only to forget what a monster I created. And I tell you what, this didn’t help. Size 12, Courier, double spaced…200 pages. Yeesh. How did I ever write that?

Anyways. I’m gonna be busy, but you guys aren’t, so here’s what you should be reading over the next couple months while I’m trying to work…

Final Crisis
I am somewhat disenchanted with DC Comics at the moment. Skwerl is laughing at me for this, because for years I’ve tried to defend them. Identity Crisis? Loved it. Infinite Crisis? Fantastic. 52? I’m attempting to legally marry it. But after Countdown, I’m feeling a little bitter. The only good thing to come out of it, IMO, was the death of Darkseid, who I loathe (for reasons that will be discussed later). Now he’s coming back. And Barry Allen is coming back, but he’s probably evil. Not that I mind that last one so much, but the fanboy bitchery is going to be never ending. So, Final Crisis will likely be epic, but it looks like it might be a little big for its own britches. I know, I know, they’ve sworn that you only need to read the “Final Crisis” mini-series to get it, but have you seen how many additional things are going on? Jesus, its so epic. And I’ll probably read every issue of it.

Batman R.I.P.
Grant Morrison tends to take turds and turn them into gold, so I’m naturally excited what he’s going to do when he’s handed a character that’s already made of gold. And from the rumors and early buzz, it looks like he’s going to kill him. Hey, if he can freshen up Batman, go for it. The first issue is already out, and it really reads more like a Prologue than Part 1, but holy crap, Grant Morrison made for one creepy as hell Joker. Just he way we like him, Grant.

Secret Invasion
Skrulls have apparently been living among us for sometime now, and we’re just now figuring it out. Sure, the past year or so has been peppered with secrets and clues, but right now is all that matters. Issues 1 and 2 are out, and they’re both very well written. We’re starting to get the spin-offs and mini-series already, but we’ve got plenty of questions to sate the desire to keep getting those (Exactly why is Captain Marvel attacking Thunderbolts Mountain, we eagerly ask.), and who knows. Maybe I’ll get wild and keep a Skrull/Not-Skrull tally.

Green Arrow/Black Canary
Hey, I don’t care how big the events are, GA/BC is still a fun read. And the current storyline, with Ollie and the team trying to find his kidnapped, brain dead son Connor (who seems to start out every Green Arrow series by being shot in the second arc) is just now ramping up, and looks to be an enjoyable read for all.

Amazing Spider-Man
Hey, One More Day be damned, Brand New Day has had some great moments! Peter Parker becoming a paparazzo for the new DB leaves me feeling a little odd, but I’m sure its going to lead to a great conclusion if Peter’s conflicted inner self has anything to say about it! …Right?

Captain America
Probably one of the finest written comics out there today. That’s really all I have to say. If you aren’t reading this title right now, than you aren’t reading comics. Honestly, how many writers can make Bucky cool? Now, how many can do it for over a year, and make him the new Captain America, and you still care? Pure gold.

Anything X-Men
Seriously. These guys have been simply amazing since Messiah CompleX. Even X-Men Legacy, with Charles Xavier traveling the world trying to regain the memories he lost after being shot in the face at the end of MC, looks to be a promising, intriguing story.


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