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Supergirl Is Probably An Idiot

In Comics on April 6, 2008 at 8:32 pm

Warning! Spoilers for Supergirl #28 within!!

As I mentioned in last weeks Pull List, the greatest problem with the current Supergirl title is that Kara too often comes across as a naive, airheaded idiot. And this issue only further supports the claim!!

Back in Supergirl #26, Kara met a boy dying from cancer. Rather than be all mature and stuff like every other hero, Kara instead promises the boy that she’s going to cure cancer. After a one issue stint in the future (Seriously, don’t ask.), Kara has now enlisted the help of Mitch Shelley, better known to the DCU as Resurrection Man. Kara’s plan?

The complete absence of logic in these two panels continually astounds me.

Yes, that’s right. Kara wants to continually kill Mitch until he is reborn with the ability to cure cancer. And you just know she doesn’t mean like “Super intellect resulting int he knowledge to cure cancer”. No, she probably expect that Mitch will actually be revived and have magic cancer killing genes.

Even more surprising is the next page, in which Mitch points out his only problem with the plan is that his powers are “too random”, and even invites Supergirl to kill him and see what happens.

This is probably one of the most horrible ideas I’ve seen in years. I keep wanting to brush it off, but the fact that this was the writer’s solution really makes me cringe. And how did Supergirl come to this conclusion, anyways? She only knows about Resurrection Man from what she read in the JLA archive files. What the hell did Batman put in Resurrection Man’s files?!

The issue ends with Kara and Resurrection Man kidnapping the doctor who initially put the tektites in Shelley that allow him to be resurrected, so it looks like they want to make the kid a new Resurrection Man. Or would that be Resurrection Boy? Either way, I feel truly sorry for this kid, and based on the sheer idiocy of this premise, I think I want Kara to actually fail.

Maybe then she’ll actually go read a book.

  1. If those two panels weren’t the makings of a classic team-up book, I don’t know what is.

  2. “The Brave And The Moronic”?

  3. interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

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