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The Pull List — April 2, 2008

In Comics on March 31, 2008 at 7:09 pm

Hey, look, a post! I’m going to be attempting to breathe new life into Spoilery Bits with a series of regular columns. To kick it off is the new regular Monday column, The Pull List. Nothing fancy here, just a look at some comics you need to pick up when they come out tomorrow! The full list is ready to go after the jump, so off we go…


Action Comics #623
Why You Should Read It: The beautiful art and magnificent writing are highlighting what is currently not just the best Superman story in a long while, but the best Legion of Super Heroes storyline in ages.

This Month…: The “Superman And The Legion of Super-Heroes” arc comes to a close! A powerless Superman versus a super-powered Earthman as the Legion of Super-Heroes fight the JLA! Will everyone make it out of this confrontation alive?

The All New Atom #21
Why You Should Buy It: Despite what could be classified as a slow start, Ryan Choi has had some exciting adventures in his own right, exploring a more scientific angle on the DCU as the latest man to be called The Atom. Its an intelligent, well written read that focuses less on big fights and more on using ones wits.

This Month…: Ryan’s been told that The Atom is responsible for the madness inflicted on Ivy Town, and that the powers of the belt have caused massive disruption. Examining his own blood, Ryan’s discovered a bizarre series of creatures living in his blood…and now one’s full sized and pissed off! Is Ryan going to be able to pull out of this one without losing his life?

Nightwing #143
Why You Should Read It: The first Robin has stepped out of the shadows of Batman, and in doing so has become a far more interesting character than his mentor. Despite nearly dieing in the Infinite Crisis and dealing with a deranged, resurrected Jason Todd, Dick Grayson continues to persevere and succeed by being everything Batman can’t.

This Month…: After the graves of dead villains have been desecrated only to be used in hideous experiments and create vicious monsters, Nightwing and the current Robin take off to confront the mastermind behind the grave robbings. Unfortunatly, he’s on an island occupied by Talia al Ghul and the entire League of Assassins!


Punisher: War Jounal #17
Why You Should Read It: With a violent reboot to the War Journal series and the re-introduction of Frank Castle to the mainstream Marvel universe during Civil War, The Punisher has been riding high on success ever since. Killing Stilt Man, blowing up a bar full of villains, and other adventures aside, the book is a thrill filled, classic shoot ’em up with a sense of black humor that only The Punisher can deliver.

This Month…: Jigsaw takes center stage, as the title prepares for its next major story arc. Expect lots of bloodshed.

Secret Invasion #1
Why You Should Read It: The clusterf***s that were Civil War and World War Hulk aside, Secret Invasion promises to really mix things up. The Skrulls have been living among us for years, and now its a matter of finding out who they are before all hell breaks loose!

This Month…: The Skrulls live among us, but who are they? Expect some twists, turns, and the death of a few dozen green critters with funny chins.

The Twelve #4
Why You Should Read It: Frozen in time in the 1940s, 12 superheroes have been reawoken in the modern age. Faced with a new tomorrow they can’t possibly understand, witness what happens with older heroes with a less moderate place of mind than Captain America suddenly find that everything they’ve loved has been dead for years.

This Month…: More murder! More intrigue! And revealed at last: is Rockman really a member of an underground race of monsters?

Young X-Men #1
Why You Should Read It: In the wake of the Messiah CompleX, the X-Men are no more. The protoge’ to the team are also no longer together. A fantastic read that never really picked up steam, Young X-Men picks up where New X-Men left off.

This Month: The New X-Men are disbanded, and have no direction. Now, Cyclops has recruited the children for a shocking new mission: track down and kill the new Brotherhood.

Other Books Worth Checking Out This Month
The Amazing Spider-Man #555: Spidey pissed off fans with One More Day, gave them hope with Brand New Day, and now seems to have lost that steam that we all enjoyed so much. This week, Spider-Man and Wolverine track down the monster that’s terrorizing the city before he hatches and becomes something stronger!

Supergirl #28: Supergirl may come come off as slightly moronic and very annoying in her book, but damn if it isn’t a great read. This month, Supergirl attempts to make good on her promise to cure cancer, but how is Wonder Woman going to help her?

Detective Comics #843: As a rival to Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge opens up, Batman and Zatanna must contend with Scarface and the new Ventriloquist!!

Young Avengers Presents #3: The anthology series continues with a look at Wiccan and Speed, the long lost children of Scarlet Witch and The Vision!

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