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Duane Chapman Might Be Racist

In Celebrities Are Wacky! on November 2, 2007 at 11:17 pm

(Yeah, a little late and not many updates. I’ve had a plethora of computer problems, and am now kicking on a brand new, utterly badass Dell Vostro 1000. Expect a review in the coming days, and more frequent posting!!)

Dog The Bounty HunterDuane Chapman, better known to the masses as Dog The Bounty Hunter, is possibly a racist. According to IMDB WENN

TV tough guy Duane Chapman broke down before his pastor on Wednesday after he was exposed as a racist by a U.S. tabloid. The star of reality TV show Dog The Bounty Hunter was heard referring to his son’s Latino girlfriend with racially charged terms on the tape, which landed in the hands of editors at the National Enquirer. Ironically, Chapman even considers what would happen if his comments made their way to the publication on the tape. Upon learning the Enquirer had exposed him and his fiery comments, Chapman met with Tim Storey, the African-American pastor who married the TV bounty hunter and his wife Beth. Chapman has refused to comment, but the pastor reveals his friend broke down in front of him for 30 minutes on Wednesday. Storey tells, “He said, ‘I’m shocked, I’m wrong, I repent…’ I was shocked, because I don’t know that to be Duane.” The pastor insists Chapman made the ill-advised comments following a row with his son – and turned on the youngster’s relationship with a Mexican girl. Storey admits he was shocked his friend used the ‘N’ word, adding, “I know he’s not a racist. He’s been to black churches with me to help inner-city kids.” Bosses at U.S. TV channel A&E, which airs Dog The Bounty Hunter, have halted production on the show after the tape recording went public on Wednesday.

I really can’t believe this. No, not the racist thing, I can’t believe people are surprised by that! Take away the money and move them out of Hawaii, and Dog and his family are about as white trash as it gets. C’mon, look at that hair! I don’t care what he says about his Indian heritage, that’s a mullet.

A&E is now saying that they have removed Chapman’s hit show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” from the channel’s schedule for the foreseeable future.

  1. Eugenics look it up

  2. his show should be cancel for saying something like that it doesnt matter if it was private phone call its just shows the whole world how racist he is no matter if he apoligiez

  3. According to…

    eu·gen·ics (yōō-jěn’ĭks) Pronunciation Key
    n. (used with a sing. verb)
    The study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding.

    So was Dog trying to breed Aryans? For the record, I don’t support or condone racism to degree, so I really don’t give a damn if Dog wants a super-race. The comments are completely inappropriate and should not have made.

  4. Dog You are not a racist!!! You are a good man. I feel your son Tucker and his stupid girlfriend are evil and wrong for what they have done to you. They have hurt you and Beth and the rest of the dog’s family and they are worst then racists themselfs for selling out the dog and the rest of the family. May you and Beth and God forgive them because they are in the wrong worse than you ever were. Love, Your Faithful fan in Michigan – Judi P.S. Hi to Beth. I WILL PRAY FOR YOUR SHOW TO BE PUT BACK ON THE AIR

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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