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New Comics Review: Booster Gold #1

In Comics, New Comic Series on September 3, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Booster Gold #1Series: Booster Gold

Issues Reviewed: #1

Publisher: DC Comics

Starring: Booster Gold, Skeets, Rip Hunter

Premise: The Multiverse is trashed following Mr. Minds feast on the 52 alternate universes. With wormholes open to any of the “wrong kind” of time travelers, Rip Hunter recruits time traveling gloryhound Booster Gold and his sidekick Skeets to travel among the alternate universes and fix history, all without letting history know he’s the greatest hero ever.

Booster has never exactly been a grand hero. After all, he did illegally bet on football games in the future, and stole all the tools that give him his abilities, not to mention the museum robot Skeets who contains all the knowledge that makes Booster famous.

So to say he’s a poor role model might not be an understatement.

So, last year rolls around. And lets face it: 52 was amazing. It had excellent pacing, a beautiful arc, and a captivating story. But its conclusion has left its mark. There are now 52 alternate universes, and thanks to Mr. Mind’s feast on time, they’re full of (worm) holes and open for anyone to screw with history. Enter Rip Hunter, the Time Master. Rip has recruited Booster and Skeets to travel the multiverse, repairing history, fixing wormholes, and convincing the rest of society that he’s a complete moron so that time can remain fluid.

Its a great premise, and it already shows promise. Issue 1 sees Booster attempting to rejoin the Justice League (an attempt foiled by a time glitch). We see what his ancestor Daniel Carter has been doing, and are treated to yet another chalkboard of clues in Rip Hunter’s laboratory. Most importantly, however, is the teaser page at the end, showing Booster and two generations of Blue Beetles going back to Pre-52 to save Ted Kord, the tragically slain Blue Beetle. Could Booster and Ted be teaming up to save the multiverse soon?

Why will Booster be great though? The writers have already figured out what they’re doing. In addition to skewing the timestream, BG#2 is going to be a groundbreaking tie-in with Zero Hour.

Yes, that’s right, Zero Hour. The second issue is going to be a tie-in with an event that occured nearly 13 years ago.

Its obvious that the writers know what they’ve got planned. And the art is wonderful (it is nice to see someone finally draw in and detail Booster’s Legion flight-ring, which is often mentioned but never really seen).

Pick up Booster #1 if you enjoyed 52. Its a great read, and it looks to be a wonderful on-going series, exploring the new and improved Multiverse.

Great Moment:
Punching History?
Stink Child writer Skwerl is a hairy man who knocks Infinite Crisis because Superboy Prime punched Space. Rip Hunter is a hairy man who knocks Infinite Crisis in Booster Gold #1 because Superboy Prime punched history. Somebody owes someone a royalty fee!

Updated!! Bonus!!
For those of you who enjoyed the great moment, I give you…SKWERL HUNTER: TIME MASTER!!
Time Master!!

  1. Space, history, it’s all the same, he punched some bullshit to cause some bullshit in a horrible storyline that was an attempt to erase all the other horrible storylines.

    Rip Hunter is my new favorite DC character.

  2. I love how he even actually looks like you. Isn’t that fucking marvelous?

    I think I’m going to switch the site to focus on news and reviews for video games and comic books, heh. I had a lot more fun writing about Booster Gold then I ever would have writing about Uwe Boll and Paris Hilton.

  3. Actually I thought the review was good man. Enough detail to get me interested in the book but not enough that i know what happens on every page. And once again SCC has been bugged and our ideas burgaled.

    I would now vote for Skwerl as the savior of a multivers’ history any day of the week. And the strip with him in it looked pretty good. Especially the Paladin part.

  4. Glad you liked the review Matt. I will probably crank one out for “Spider-Man: Back In Black” in the next day or so (expect me to bitch greatly about the costume being webbed underneath a gargoyle for twenty years!).

    I did debate making a “Skwerl Hunter: Time Master” comic by photo-manipping the hell out of Booster Gold #1, but that one strip was such a pain in the ass, I decided against it.

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