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The Anime Homeworld; A Retrospective

In Random Shit on January 17, 2007 at 10:41 am

Today, between classes, I decided it was time to buckle down and clean out my old Yahoo! account. I’ve had the e-mail address for literally ages, and have used it ever since the original inception of my Anime fansite, The Anime Homeworld.

Now, mind you, AH is currently six feet under (Hey, I’m working on it!), and there have been several false starts. But I found this letter today, and decided that fuck it, I’m going to publicly respond to this old letter from

Does Hctrd remember this? Not a chance in hell. Will he ever read this? Highly doubtful. Do I care? Of course not. But here’s an idea of some of the great letters I got during my tenure running The Anime Homeworld.

Hctrd04 says…

you claim that their is no dragonball af, how can you be so sure, have you spoken directly to the creator have you got a singed qote saying that theirs no dbaf.

Actually, the creator, Mr. Akira Toriyama, has publicly stated on numerous occasions that there is nothing past Dragon Ball GT. Hell, he barely worked on DBGT as is. Oh, and the fact that no new DB series has been released since the mid-90s, and all the “new” games focus on DB/Z/GT should further cement this claim.

How do i know that you are not telling lies when i have seen many web pages with the cnffirmation of that dbaf does excist.

You don’t. Welcome to the Internet.

You don’t realy think that anyone will belive what you are saying “you dumb ass” when your not even the officel web site for db,z,gt. and i very much dbout that the creator would say that girls could not become ssj becuse that sounds sexiste and for all you know could carry a lawsuit with it.

You want to sue me? Better learn how to spell sexist before you type up those papers, man…

i believe that you just despize the fact that another could come along maybe your to old to be watching db even though you love it, what are you 30 year old vergin due to your abcesion, i also think your bitter and that if you were a true fan you would be excited and not try to spoial it for all use true fans.


\Ab*sces”sion\, n. [L. abscessio a separation; fr. absedere. See Abscess.] A separating; removal; also, an abscess. [Obs.] –Gauden. Barrough.

Yes, you’re on to me. I’m a 30 year old virgin, because I’m seperated from 10 year old animes.

This message was circa 2004 (at which point, AH had already been under hiatus for over a year! What site were you looking at man??). My original reply is included in the MORE post. Look for a new AH sometime in the next decade. Until then, feel free to flame The Paladin, so long as you actually read it.

Actual Official AH Reply, Circa 2004!!

First off, I’m 19. Thank you.

Secondly, I would welcome a new Dragon Ball series,
and would love the chance to see anything new.
Personally, I think the series is running old now and
topping DBZ would be difficult, but I will give
anything a shot. But, the fact remains that as of
now, there is no Dragon Ball series after Dragon Ball
GT. If there is one currently in production, it is
unknown to me. If there was one in the past that fell
through, I didn’t hear anything about it. But the
popularity of all Dragon Ball Series faded in Japan
when Dragon Ball GT ended in 1996…about the time we
started to get the first episodes of Dragon Ball Z.

I have heard rumors that there was an underground fan
manga for a Dragon Ball AF, but Japanese authorities
halted this.

As far as your points, you seem to be bitter and angry
at me for no reason. How old are you? Maybe you’re
the bitter 30 year old virgin with nothing to do?
Because personally, I’m not that upset that there’s no
new stuff. In fact, I couldn’t tell you the last time
I watched an episode. Try moving on to different
anime, like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Neon Genesis
Evangelion, or check out movies like Vampire Hunter D
and Grave of the Fireflies. They’re all…believe it
or not…better than Dragon Ball.

Thank you for your time and interest in the Anime
Homeworld. For the record, since you probably got
this e-mail from an older version of the site, we are
still under hiatus. The most recent version can be
found at

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