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Is Ralph Dibny Going All Sixth Sense on Us? (52 Spoilers…)

In Comics on December 19, 2006 at 10:18 am

Thanks to the new Newsarama post and fanboy speculation, the new 52 theory of the day is that Ralph Dibney did kill himself in Fifty Two Week One (when Ralph was seen with a gun in his mouth).

For those who have missed the past year of DCU continuity, you’re a fucking idiot who needs to go play catch-up. Also, Ralph’s beloved wife Sue Dibny was found dead and burned nearly beyond recognition in the first chapter of the simply incredible “Identity Crisis”.

Over the course of Fifty Two, Ralph has seemingly lost his mind and is now on a quest to resurrect and reunite with his dear wife, which has led him all the way to Nanda Parbat in this issue.

So, is Ralph really dead all along? Unlikely, methinks.

If Ralph is dead, yes, it would explain why only he could hear the Helmet of Fate talking to him. But it doesn’t explain how he can be seen, talked to, and generally interacted with by Wonder Girl, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Zauriel, Metamorpho, the entire “Cult of Connor”, Supernova, Booster Gold, Skeets, 90% of downtown Metropolis, the owner of his storage shed (who called Ralph, not a next of kin for a deceased Ralph), the police officers who found Sue’s tombstone defaced, and the young man in the cemetary who recounted seeing Ralph before when he was Elongated Man.

Just saying, DC, lots of gaps…

  1. Write something about Civil War. You know you want to do it.

  2. Ok, here you go.

    Civil War is a fucking travesty that couldn’t ship on time to save its own fucking life.

    Viva DC!

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