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Big N Recalls Wii’s

In Gaming on December 15, 2006 at 11:13 am

Source: Yahoo! News

Looks like Nintendo is having to recall a bunch of Wii-mote’s after the wrist straps designed to keep the controller attached to your person started snapping.

The beauty of the “flying wii-mote”, said to injure persons, tvs, and fragile glass objects?  Its done by people who are doing the exact opposite of what the Wii-manual (see how I Wii’d on everything?) by flailing their arms around like a madman, and doing so in close vicinity of other objects and/or people.

For fuck’s sake, there is a big damn diagram with giant red arrows depicting a person standing in the open, saying in big letters to make sure no one or nothing is around you while you play.  It also says (and I’ve played these things, I know this is true) that you don’t need to flail; the system will detect the smallest of movements.  Hell, even the sarcastic folks over at Penny Arcade were saying that one when the system came out.

So, in a time when the console war rages on and there are nothing but shortages, in a time when Christmas is fast approaching and people are still (lets face it, foolishly) trying to find a Nintendo Wii, the big N is forced to recall the system because people are idiots?  Any chance we can recall the people who bought the system?

If you own a Wii, please be careful.  And Nintendo, maybe this should be a sign?  The Wizard just came out on DVD, maybe this is the perfect time to bring back that cherished 8-bit nostalgia, the Power Glove?  It would certainly solve the flying Wii-mote problems.  Until, of course, some gang member decided to wear said Power Glove on a series of thefts. 

But that’s a story for next-next gen.

  1. This is why the terrorists hate us.

  2. I want to know who the hell is crazy enough to swing the Wiimote wildly enough to actually *break* the TV when they loose their grip.

  3. According to Inside Edition, every living creature that purchases a Wii. Clearly, we gamers are ignorant in their eyes, and thus they have to Wii on our image.

    God, I love Wii’ing on stuff.

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